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The Family Chantel New Season TRAILER OUT! Physical Fights & Tons Of Drama

Pedro and Chantel first made an impact on the 90 Day Fiance audience on the show. While their love stood strong, their families didn’t get along with each other at all. Despite this, they tied the knot, but their marriage came to an end last year after six years of marriage.

It looks like TLC is ready to wrap up their spin-off, The Family Chantel. But before they do so, they shared the final trailer for the last ever season, ensuring jaw-dropping moments and tons of drama!

The Family Chantel: Chantel & Pedro Call It Quits Forever But Not Before Physical Altercations, Deception & Tons Of Drama

Long time 90 Day Fiance fans must remember how previously The Family Chantel documented Pedro and Chantel’s deteriorating marriage and divorce. Viewers believed that after this, there would be no more seasons as the couple’s relationship was finally over.

But TLC took everyone by surprise by revealing that there is still one more season left for the show. The trailer for the same revealed that even after their divorce, Chantel and Pedro’s family hadn’t stopped threatening one another.

In one scene, Pedro revealed how he was about to meet his ex-wife after nine months since they parted ways. Well, things didn’t go as planned. That’s because the reality TV star decided to really hurt Chantel. Fans must remember how Pedro’s sister Nicole had a best friend, Coraima.

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She made her crush on Pedro obvious, causing problems in his marriage with Chantel. So, the Dominican Republic man decided to go on a date with her just to spite his ex. Following this, Chantel’s whole family reacted to this, and she also cried.

Well, Chantel’s mother decided to draw blood, too. Hence, she ended up hiring a private investigator to expose Pedro. Then, a scene revealed how the latter was scared of deportation and believed that their ex-in-laws wanted to kick him out of the country. At last, Chantel decided it would be best to go to the Dominican Republic one last time to finally end things not just with Pedro but with his whole family.

The Family Chantel: Things Get Physical! Pedro Hits Mom Lydia’s Boyfriend Scott?

All the fans invested in the 90 Day Fiance multiverse must know how Pedro’s mother, Lydia became a part of the Love In Paradise spin-off. Well, it looks like she will be starring in The Family Chantel season also. None other than Scott Wern, her problematic boyfriend, will also be a part of the same.

There was another alarming moment in the trailer where Pedro threatens her mom’s boyfriend by saying, “Dishonest people get clapped.” He also expressed how he only heard bad things about Scott as he mistreated his mom.

The Family Chantel

Soon, there was a scene where Pedro pushed Scott aggressively and they both got into a physical altercation. To everyone’s surprise, the crew didn’t interfere and let the men settle this. Hence, everyone is now excited about this new season.

Most of the fans have been cheering for Chantel and firmly believe that her husband, Pedro, only used her for a green card. So, are you excited about this final The Family Chantel season?

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