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Tania reveals why she went broke after her divorce from Syngin

 Tania Maduro confessed that she is having many financial problems following a very difficult summer. The 32 year old didn’t have a stable job for years, and she’s been supporting herself from multiple temporary sources of income, like the TLC checks, or working as a seasonal waitress, and also from selling private photos and videos of herself to strangers online.

The Connecticut native made her debut on the hit reality show in 2019, when she married her South African beau, Syngin Colchester. Unfortunately, the marriage did not work out, and the couple divorced. Tania and Syngin officially filed divorce papers and went on with their lives at 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All. Tania began experimenting with her s*xuality after Syngin relocated to Thailand. She was lately involved with a woman named Eve.
Tania uses her social media accounts to connect with her fans on a weekly basis. Recently, she dedicated her life to traveling, which slowly become the niche of her Instagram account. She recently took to Instagram to discuss her financial situation and problems. The reality personality wrote in one of her Instagram stories:” It’s been a rough summer for making money. 13 out of 16 weekends it rained, I work only weekends”.
Tania worked weekends in a bar as a part timer to supplement her income, and the bad weather has affected her work hours and earnings. It’s sad to see Tania unable to work due to weather conditions. Unlike others who work indoors, Tania’s profession requires her to work at outdoor bars, which are only open when the weather is nice. Hopefully, the former 90 Day Fiancé cast member will be able to overcome her recent financial difficulties. Tania is a knowledgeable individual with extensive experience. She has numerous income streams, including OnlyFans and Cameo, and can focus on them if her bar job isn’t working out.
Tania has a big Aruba retreat scheduled for the end of November 2023. She has invited numerous women to join her and has built a page that explains all that is included in her trip. Hopefully, she will be financially stable again by then. Syngin, Tania’s ex-husband, has recently traveled as well. The South African man flew to Thailand with his new girlfriend in July 2023. The couple has been documenting their trips on Instagram and YouTube, demonstrating how they can have fun, while also earning a living solely from their OnlyFans.

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