90 Day Fiance

Shekinah and Sarper welcome their sister, but the ending leaves Shekinah with big questions about Sarper’s love fidelity.

In an intimate visit, Shekinah and Sarper welcomed Shekinah’s younger sister to their home. Sarper prepared a special Turkish dish for her to enjoy. However, this visit encountered a delicate issue when the sister inquired about a personal matter concerning Sarper. Surprisingly, Sarper chose not to answer and defended himself by saying he was loyal and would never betray anyone, including Shekinah, whom he claimed to deeply love.

After the sister posed her question, no straightforward answer was given. Sarper’s silence and defense raised suspicions and doubts in the hearts of Shekinah and her sister. They felt that a secret was being concealed, creating an unwanted tension during the gathering.

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The visit concluded with a farewell between Shekinah and Sarper, but it was not an ordinary parting. Both partners left behind numerous uncertainties and unanswered questions. The silence and refusal to share information created a rift between them, posing a threat to their relationship.

Shekinah and Sarper once cherished their love and loyalty for each other. However, keeping a secret and withholding intimate matters shattered the trust and instilled doubt. This issue could potentially impact their relationship, leading to an undesired breakup.

Before resolving these conflicts and uncertainties, Shekinah and Sarper need to engage in open and honest discussions. Trust and understanding are crucial elements for building and sustaining a strong and enduring relationship.

Ultimately, keeping secrets and withholding important information can have unintended consequences in a relationship. To avoid similar situations, Shekinah and Sarper need to learn how to exchange information and address intimate issues honestly and openly, thereby constructing a trustworthy and resilient bond.

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