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Sheila Uses AI To Find Out How Her Future Child With David Will Look Like! Is She Pregnant?

90 Day Fiance stars Sheila Mangubat and David Dangerfield received immense love from the audience for their sweet storyline. They are among the very few couples in the show that are made for each other. Fans have been hoping to see the pair walk down the aisle soon. Sadly, they were forced to go their separate ways after spending a lovely time together in the Philippines.

David has to return to America to earn more money and make the arrangements to bring his lady love with him. Recently, Mangubat shared a sweet post about what her future kid will look like. Are David and Sheila going to be parents? 

90 Day Fiance: Sheila Mangubat Shared An Adorable Picture Of Her “Future Baby” With David!

Sheila Mangubat and David Dangerfield are spending their time away from each other. They are among the most wholesome couples from 90 Day Fiance with an honest love story. They never doubted each other’s intentions and stood together during the tough times.

Fans are waiting for the couple to reunite again in America. However, some rumors started sprawling about Sheila’s pregnancy recently. Fans spotted a baby bump in her latest pictures and video. Finally, the 90 Day Fiance celeb dismissed all the rumors and claimed that she is not pregnant.

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Mangubat and Dangerfield are staying away from each other for a long time. However, they are keeping the spark in their long-distance relationship alive through social media. Recently, she confused fans with a picture of her future child. In it, Sheila used an AI app to generate a picture of a baby.

Sheila posted a video that showed a picture of what her potential baby with David would look like. The application used both Sheila and David’s physical traits to make an exact copy of the couple in the form of their daughter. The reality TV celeb wrote, “Future baby. Dangerfield David.”

Well, their latest timeline reveals that Sheila is not pregnant right now. So, she must be using the technology to manifest a beautiful future together with David. Fans are quite impressed at her latest creation and showered love on the couple. As of now, he is in the US, trying to get Sheila and her son Jhoniel there.

90 Day Fiance: David Dangerfield Reveals The Dream House He Wishes To Buy For Sheila!

David Dangerfield and Sheila Mangubat are excited to start their new journey soon. Currently, they have been in a long-distance relationship ever since the former went back to America. However, he promised his lady love that he would return to take her after making lots of money.

The 90 Day Fiance star is struggling to make a comfortable life for his future wife and her son. So, he shared a picture of his dream home that he wanted to buy for Sheila in Cebu, Philippines. It included a wide porch, swimming pool, lots of rooms, and a modular kitchen.

Sadly, the TLC star is not in a position to buy the expensive property immediately. He wrote, “ I am dream of buying a house for Sheila and son. But I can’t afford lol.” However, fans supported the celebrity in the comment section.

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