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Razvan Finally Met Amanda’s Kids? Are They Still Together?

Razvan and Amanda had a rocky relationship from the start. They often made it to the headlines with their chaotic storyline on 90 Day Fiance. Amanda Wilhelm was a young widow with two kids who fell in love with Razvan from Romania. However, she received a lot of hate for not respecting her partner by comparing him to her late husband.

On the other hand, Razvan seemed to be a green card chaser after confirming his visit to the US within a few days of meeting each other. Previously, Amanda invited her partner to meet the kids after their patch. But did he go?

90 Day Fiance: Razvan & Amanda Spark Breakup Rumors, But Did He Finally Meet Her Kids?

Razvan and Amanda had a pretty boring storyline on the show. They appeared on the 90 Day Fiance to take the next step in their relationship. However, things didn’t go well after the two met each other for the first time. Initially, Amanda annoyed fans by getting cold feet on accepting her partner every time he tried to come close.

She didn’t want her kids to meet him either. The couple parted ways after a huge fight. However, things took a different turn recently when the pair reconciled. Amanda decided to apologize for her behavior before she left for the US. She also called Razvan her “knight in shining armor.”

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Finally, Razvan was convinced by the sudden change in her attitude and expressed that her positive attitude was what he liked the most initially. The American 90 Day Fiance star invited her partner to meet her kids in the US after their sweet reconciliation. He was excited to meet them during Thanksgiving.

However, their recent social media updates are showing otherwise. Razvan and Amanda have not been following each other on social media. She has been sparking dating rumors with another Tiktoker who added her name on his bio. Meanwhile, Razvan is calling himself “single” on various platforms. So, fans think that he possibly didn’t meet her kids after all.

90 Day Fiance: Razvan’s Social Media Explains The Truth!

Razvan and Amanda’s current relationship status is far from understanding the audience. Fans have been slamming the latter for not balancing her love life and kids. But they have been avoiding making any comments about the truth.

However, Razvan’s Instagram profile is enough to confirm the rumors. The 90 Day Fiance star is not posting anything about his American partner. Also, it is one of the biggest proof that the meeting never happened with Amanda’s kids.

In fact, he didn’t share any pictures from America as well. Also, Razvan does not follow Amanda anymore. Her relationship status is still not confirmed. According to reports, Tiktok Cody Alvers cleared all the air about his relationship with Wilhelm. He confirmed that they were just friends and never met each other.

Hence, viewers want to know what happened after the reconciliation. Now viewers are waiting to see if the couple is likely to return with a new season. Hopefully, we will get to see all the drama in the future.

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