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Paul Staehle’s Mom Reveals TRAGIC NEWS About Him After He Was FOUND!

Noted 90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle scared the daylights out of everyone. It happened after his ex, Karine and his mom confirmed that he had been missing for a few days. For the unversed, he has been in Brazil for a while and got stuck in one of the remote islands. Blogger John Yates and other stars like Angela Deem and Larissa Lima helped find him. Fans were relieved to know that he was safe. But his mother, Mary Staehle, has made a new statement saying things aren’t as good as they seem. So, what’s been up with Paul?

Paul’s Mom Says That He Isn’t Doing Well, In Adverse Conditions After Being Found

A former 90 Day Fiance star, Paul Staehle, has still been successful in making headlines even after not being in the show. That’s because noted blogger John Yates and his ex, Karine made an announcement on Instagram saying he went missing. After spending multiple sleepless nights, there was finally progress in their case. The interviewer finally shared a voice note by the celeb where he sounded fine. However, there has still been a lot of mystery regarding his disappearance. Paul’s mother, Mary, had announced she last talked to him on August 30, i.e., last Wednesday.

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After fans got to know that Paul was safe and not dead, his mother made yet another shocking announcement. She shared tragic news about him saying he was still not doing well. It turns out that Paul took a canoe to the wrong place and got stuck on a remote island. His troubles began when there was no charge on his phone. Apparently, some villagers found him and they had been treating him well. Mary Staehle also said Paul had been sleeping in hammocks and bugs eating him. But, he was able to go back to his home in Brazil after getting the right boat after a few days.

All of this, Mary Staehle, revealed to blogger John Yates in a live session on his YouTube handle. Once Paul revealed he was safe, Mary and John conversed with each other, to inform the 90 Day Fiance fans about his whereabouts.

90 Day Fiance: Paul Ready To Address His Missing Rumors!

Apart from Karine making an announcement on her Instagram about Paul’s disappearance, she also implied that he is no more in this world. She did so by making an Instagram reel that featured pictures of him and his ex and their kids. In it, she stated that Paul would always be loved by his sons. But, now that the cat’s out of the bag, fans are aware he is safe and sound back in Brazil from the Island. In fact, Paul’s friend, Iza also shared a picture of him sitting inside a car confirming that he was finally back with his friends.

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At the same time, Paul has no intention of hopping on his social media handles this soon. But, he has been ready to address the whole disappearing fiasco. Hence, he asked everyone to send in their questions and concerns to his friend, Iza’s account. The star intends to answer all the questions there with most probably a live session. Amidst all this, Karine has been facing all the backlash for implying that Paul was supposedly dead when it wasn’t the case. Keep track of all the latest 90 Day Fiace updates by checking

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