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Paul Staehle Reveals The TRUTH, Says He Never Went Missing!! What’s happening?

90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle has been making headlines these days after his wife and mother confirmed that he was missing. For almost a week, things got really complicated while fans were praying for his well-being. However, the celeb was finally found alive, and viewers took a sigh of relief. But they couldn’t believe it when Paul denied all the fuss that was made about him. Paul simply claimed that he never went missing and blamed his phone and boat for all the misunderstanding regarding the same. What is the truth? Was he really missing?

Paul Staehle Reveals Shocking Truth Behind His Missing News

90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle’s wife made an official announcement that he was missing. She started posting many cryptic things on social media, which further made the viewers skeptical about the whole matter. John Yates, Angela Deem, and Larrisa Lima also left their work and got busy tracking Paul while his mother revealed some shocking screenshots from the last conversation she had with her son. One thing added up to another, and that led to a huge controversy and fuss. However, now Paul is back and is denying everything.

90 Day Fiance

As per Paul, he never went missing in the first place. He revealed that he was in Manaus, Brazil, when he decided to go on a boat with his friend just to clear out his mind. The celeb further added in a conversation with TMZ that when he was in the Amazon river, his boat had some mechanical issues. Hence, his partner had to leave him alone to fix the problem. Paul further stated that during his pal’s absence, he got furious and started reaching out for help. But soon the latter came back and fixed the issue. After his friend rectified the mechanical problem in the boat, they happily resumed their journey and were alive!

90 Day Fiance: Paul Says He Didn’t Have A Phone Charger & Blames Poor Cell Service

90 Day Fiance star Paul has put the entire blame on his phone and network services. He claimed that during his boat trip, he didn’t have a charger. Because of this, soon, his phone ran out of battery, and he couldn’t stay in touch with his family. Amid all this, his family started to assume the worst scenario, while fans became skeptical if he was alive or not. Paul added that he never wanted all this controversy and media buzz in the first place and never expected that his mother and wife would do the same.

90 Day Fiance

As per Paul, it wasn’t a publicity stunt at all, and he never went missing in the first place. However, his family perhaps would have gotten worried because he did something similar earlier as well. Fans might remember that the celeb and his son ended up getting their names under the missing persons’ police bulletin last year in Kentucky! Though they turned up soon after that, it would have impacted his family a lot. Hence, they couldn’t control themselves when Paul was out without any communication and ended up making a fuss about the same.

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