Matt Roloff’s Special Family Member Reappears To Help During Pumpkin Season

Matt Roloff has been a man of many talents. LPBW fans have seen all that he is capable of in Little People Big World. However, one thing the star has been struggling to do is keep his family together. At this point, the whole fandom knows about Jeremy and Zach’s fight with Matt over the farm.

Hence, the Roloff twins aren’t on good terms with Matt and refuse to have anything to do with the farm. The patriarch is also nearing his retirement and has been looking for all the help he can get to maintain his 100-acre property. Amidst such a dire time, a rare family member has shown up to help out! So, who is it?

LPBW: Matt’s Nephew Max Comes To His Rescue, Helping Out During The Pumpkin Season

Undoubtedly, the pumpkin season is the most important and busiest month at the Roloff Farms. Back when things used to be good, all the Roloffs would collectively make efforts to make the event a huge hit. That isn’t the case no more. As mentioned, Zach and Jeremy rarely visit the farms since their fight.

During all this, Matt has been desperate to make Roloff Farm’s pumpkin season a huge hit. So, he has been looking for all the help he can get. Lately, his daughter-in-law, Isabel Roloff, made a new post. She shared a selfie with Jacob’s cousin Max while saying he “killed the coffee game.”

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LPBW fans are under the impression that Matt has been open to help from his family members to look after his farm. He is in his 60s now and has discussed retiring soon. The star mentioned letting Jacob and Isabel take most of the charge during the festival. But it looks like cousin Max will also be joining the duo.

While posing with Isabel, Max looked happy in the photo. He sported a long, thick beard, glasses, and a cap while posing for the photo. It was evident that these Roloffs were quite excited to be welcoming all the fans and guests to the Pumpkin Season. Matt had hinted how it is going to be the best of the best this year.

LPBW: Jacob Showers Love On Cousin, Max, Too! Working On The Farm Together

Jacob Roloff usually doesn’t post much on his social media. However, he does make a lot of posts around the time of the pumpkin season to show off his accomplishments by working on the farm. LPBW fans must know how he and Isabel are now living in an RV on the farm with their baby boy Mateo.

While holding down the fort for the Pumpkin Season, Jacob has had additional help. He sweetly introduced his cousin, Max, on his Instagram. The latter has been on the farm for a while to ensure the preparations for the fall season are at full throttle.

Jacob mentioned that apart from working on the farm together, they have also been bonding over the game of Chess. He also revealed how his son Mateo calls his uncle “Max Max.” LPBW fans were moved by this post, and some who intend to come to the celebration were excited to meet him.

Do you think Max will become a permanent family member to be helping over at the farm? Do you like his bond with the rest of the Roloffs?

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