Matt Roloff Teases A New Feature For Pumpkin Festival

Matt Roloff has spent a major part of his life on the TV screens. He joined the Little People Big World Franchise with his then-wife Amy Roloff. Fans have drawn closer to all the LPBW stars throughout the years. Also, their Pumpkin Festival is widely popular. Every year, the family organizes special activities and fun-filled features to take the visitors on a happy ride.

The Roloff fam invites visitors from around the world to experience an amazing journey. Matt has been teasing fans about some new updates on the farm for a long time. Now it appears that he has exciting news for the fans. What is he up to?

LPBW: Matt Roloff Announces Upcoming Fun Feature At The Family Farm!

Matt Roloff likes keeping the fans on the edges of their seats. The LPBW star has been informing fans about the upcoming changes to the Pumpkin Festival

Instead, they are focusing more on Wagon tours. However, the news didn’t go well with the fans as they will not get to see Zach Roloff due to this. Finally, the patriarch has good news for the fans. He took to Instagram recently through the official Roloff Farms page. In it, he informed his fans will get to see a series of new features including, Title Track, Bunny Barn, and Coffee House on the farm.

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He asked, “ WHAT’S NEW ON THE FARM THIS YEAR?” to his followers. Matt went on to say that they have created the Trike Track on a new side of the farm and hoping for its success. Further, he claimed that there will be four new bunnies on the Bunny Barn this year.

Also, the guests can even pet the bunnies with the help of employees. Roloff then explained the wide list of beverages that will be available for purchase at the Coffee House. He ended the post after encouraging his fans to participate and promised to offer more features this year.

LPBW: Matt Roloff Shares A Stunning New Glimpse Of Dream House!

Fans of the LPBW franchise might have known how much Matt and Caryn have been planning for their dream home. They have been making the plans for five years and started building the home this year. Moreover, Matt Roloff is showing off his architectural skills in the new home these days. He keeps informing fans about the latest updates. Recently, the patriarch shared a new snap of his dream home with a mesmerizing view.

Matt Roloff Instagram

In it, fans can get to see the wide porch, stone columns, and tall windows. Further, it shows a beautiful sunset scene with a shadow of pine trees through the window glasses. The TLC celeb decided not to caption the picture so fans could feel the stunning glow. Want to know more about Matt’s dream home

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