LPBW: Zach Was Ready To Pay Matt THIS Amount To Buy The Farm

Noted Little People Big World celebrities Zach and Tori Roloff revealed their aggressive side a few seasons ago. It all happened when Matt Roloff wanted them to buy the family farm. Well, they weren’t able to reach a conclusion and failed to negotiate. Due to this, their relationship soured, and the young LPBW couple moved to a new house in Washington.

Since then, the fanbase has been divided. Many of them support Tori and Zach and believe the patriarch was unfair to them. While others say Matt did what he had to and there was nothing wrong with selling the farm. Yet, fans are in a fix about the price Zach may have offered to acquire the farm. So, how much was it?

LPBW: Zach Backed Off As Matt Offered A Very High Price To Aquire The Farm! How Much Was It?

Matt and Zach have been constantly butting heads ever since LPBW Season 23 premiered on TV. In the next season, too, viewers got to see their estranged relationship as nothing changed. Well, it has been two years since they tried to negotiate on Roloff Farms. They haven’t waved the white flag yet, and things are still as bitter as ever.

Fans must know how Amy Roloff also owned a part of Roloff Farms when she was married to Matt. But when they divorced, she decided to sell her side of the property to her ex and moved out. So, she sold all her land for a low price of $667,000 and later $975,000. The matriarch thought this decision would help her sons buy the farmland from their dad at a similar price.

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As per Screenrant, Zach claimed to have made a “competitive offer” in his confessionals. He admitted to having a “starting point” based on how much his mother sold the land to Matt. Well, viewers already know how the LPBW patriarch wanted to sell 16 acres of land for $4 million at first, and he offered his sons a special “family discount.” Fans speculate that he must have placed the price to be $2 million.

But fan speculations suggest that Zach may have wanted the farm for $1.6 million. But the fact that Matt decided to put the portion on sale for $4 million means that there was a difference of almost half a million dollars. So, LPBW viewers now understand why it was a devastating blow for Zach and how he must have felt “cheated” by his own father!

LPBW: Matt Lowers Farm Price To $3.3 Million!

When Matt Roloff first broke the news about selling his farm in 2022, he placed the price to be $4 million. A lot of LPBW fans agreed on various platforms that it was a bit excessive. When he wasn’t able to find a suitable buyer, the star had a change of heart. He soon made the big house a temporary rental.

But it turns out it wasn’t enough for Matt Roloff. He shocked everyone yet again in 2023 by announcing his big house and 16 acres of the farm were on sale again. But the interesting fact was that the reality TV star has brought the price down by a whopping $700k. Hence, Matt Roloff now intends to sell his farmland for $3.3 million.

Little People Big World LPBW

Nobody was able to understand why the LPBW star decided to take such an extreme step. But they were glad after seeing the reduced price. Meanwhile, others still feel upset over Matt wronging Tori and Zach. So, whose side are you on? Let us know in the comments.

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