LPBW: Zach & Jeremy’s Families Finally Reunited At Roloff Farms??

The moment is finally here! Little People Big World fans had been anticipating the reunion of Zach and Jeremy’s families for a while now. But the way dynamics turned after the infamous Roloff farm feud, LPBW viewers started to lose hope. But now it seems that things have again begun to fall into place.

Recently, viewers were left rejoicing when they saw Zach and Jeremy’s reunion on none other than Roloff farms. Yes! They are back together. But what made them change their minds? What actually made them go back to the lane they left way back?

LPBW: Zach & Jeremy Reunite At Roloff Farms?

LPBW fans were shattered when they saw Jeremy and Zach not being able to take over the family property. They wanted to hold on to the Roloff farms and carry on the legacy of their father. However, it couldn’t turn out in their favor, and they had to say goodbye to their dreams.

But recently, fans were in disbelief when they saw Jeremy and Zach taking their families back to the Roloff farms. Tori and Audrey took to their Instagram accounts and shared wholesome pictures from their ‘Halloween’ reunion. The former posted a snap in which her son Jackson and her sister-in-law’s daughter Ember sat together in front of the Roloff farms board.

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LPBW fans were extremely happy until they noticed that it was a throwback picture! Apparently, the picture was from 2019, which was the last time Audrey and Tori’s kids celebrated Halloween together at the Roloff farms.

But on the other hand, Audrey shared a carousel of pictures from their recent trip to Roloff farms. Her entire family decided to spend the Halloween season with Matt, and the latter even clicked many snaps with his grandkids. In one of the photos, the grandpa was featured playing with Audrey’s youngest son, while in another one, he posed with all three of them.

LPBW: Zach & Tori Celebrated Halloween With Amy Roloff

Jeremy and Audrey decided to pack their bags and go to Matt for the Halloween festival. But on the other hand, LPBW stars Zach and Tori preferred to spend the season with none other than Amy Roloff, the best Mimi. The latter showed up at her son’s place, and the entire family had a great time together.

Tori took to Instagram and shared a wholesome picture in which Amy was seemingly dressed up as the cat woman and posed with Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah. She added to the caption, “Love you, Mimi.” In another snap, it seems that Amy was ready to trick-or-treat, and everyone seemed to be really excited.


Hence, it seems that Zach and Tori preferred to stay at home and enjoy Halloween with Amy rather than visit Roloff farms. They didn’t even turn up for the Pumpkin Season, unlike Jeremy and Audrey. So, it is evident that there are still some wounds that are yet to heal.

But on the other hand, it seems that Jeremy and Audrey’s relationship with Matt has started to improve. The former couple visited their family property during the Pumpkin Season and enjoyed with the patriarch. Moreover, Audrey also gave a shout-out to Matt. Hence, viewers are now watching them mend fences.

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