LPBW: Tori Shares Major Milestones Of Jackson & Lilah — Fans Get Emotional On BIG DAY!

LPBW fans are in shock as Tori’s kids are achieving milestones one by one. Apparently, her family has been a part of reality TV since the beginning, and fans are in love with her children. But it seems that they were prepared for what the matrairch recently shared with them. It is evident that Tori’s children are growing really fast and have also started a completely new phase of their lives now. What are the star kids up to now? What did they achieve this time?

LPBW: Jackson & Lilah’s Big Day Makes Fans Emotional!

Alert! If you are an emotional person and you love Tori’s kids, then her latest post isn’t for you! Lately, she has been sharing the milestones her kids have been achieving and is leaving all the LPBW fans in tears. Recently, the Roloff mom documented Josiah’s first step and made the viewers wonder how fast he was growing. Amid all this, Tori shared that now her older kids, Jackson and Lilah, were ready to go to school. She took to Instagram and posted some wholesome pictures of the star kids, which made the entire fan base emotional, who couldn’t control their tears at all!


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Recently, Tori shared snaps of her handsome boy Jackson, who was ready for his “first day” of school. She captioned the post, “1st day of 1st grade for my 1st born!.” In the carousel of pictures, the LPBW star kid held a board that said he was six years old and wanted to become a “pilot.” Fans couldn’t believe it as Jackson seemed to be grown up in the pictures. However, they couldn’t take their eyes off the wholesome selfie of the mother-son duo!

Amy also didn’t take a step back to congratulate her grandson! She wrote, “What? How can this be already.” The LPBW star wondered how “grown up” Jackson was already looking! Mama Roloff further wished Tori’s son, “Jackson I hope you have the best 1st day of 1st grade.” Amy advised him to “learn” all that he can and happily added that she was proud of him!

LPBW: Tori Shares Glimpses From Lilah’s First Day!

LPBW star Tori Roloff is a proud mother whose two kids recently had their first day of school while her youngest son took his first step! Recently, she shared several pictures from not only Jackson’s but Lilah’s first day as well. The celeb posted a few emotional yet happy snaps on Instagram in which Lilah was ready to face her first day. Tori wrote a lengthy caption and started off by saying, “Our sweet Lilah girl.” She revealed that her daughter had the “sweetest” teacher ever, and she walked in “excited” and completely “ready for pre-school.”

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Tori further added, “There were no tears (just rebellion against her name tag).” She revealed that while she was walking out, she got “misty eyes” because she was really proud of Lilah. The matrairch was happy that her girl had come in her confidence with herself really far now! Amy again didn’t leave a chance to praise her grandchild. She wrote, “Just adorable. Lilaj looks so excited and ready for her first day.” A fan also added, “Lookin cute and ready to go!.” Another one commented, “The sweetest pics!.” Indeed, it is evident that viewers couldn’t be happier! Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest LPBW tea.

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