LPBW: Matt Roloff Drops Major News About Season 25! [Latest Update]

Matt Roloff has been with the Little People Big World series since the start. He decided to showcase his life at the Roloff Farms with his former wife Amy and their four kids. Ever since then, fans have been following their updates from various mediums.

LPBW fans have been waiting for Season 25 for a long time. However, TLC has not revealed any updates about the upcoming season. All sorts of rumors have been sprawling about the new season. In fact, Tori and Zach’s presence has become a hot topic for the audience.

Fans had been chattering about Tori and Zach’s exit from the show for a while. Now it appears that Matt Roloff had big news about the most anticipated season. What was it?

LPBW: Matt Roloff Shares Huge Update About Season 25!

LPBW has been entertaining the audience since 2006. However, the family dynamics have changed completely in the past few years. Zach and Jeremy gave up on living on Roloff farms a long time ago to live separately with their family.

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Meanwhile, Jacob had been helping Matt for the pumpkin season. Some fans had been chattering about Tori and Zach’s exit from the Little People Big World series. But Matt had a lot to say about the upcoming season of the show.

As per TheSun, Matt invited some of his visitors to the Roloff Farm to sit for a reading session. He was reading his book Little Lucy Big Race and encouraged his fans to ask questions after the session. Hence, a fan decided to ask about the updates regarding LPBW Season 25.

Surprisingly, Matt spilled that they finished filming for Season 25 back in August. He went on to admit that the Roloff Family are always the last ones to know the premiere date. Then, he joked about how he would sometimes get to know about its release from the news.


Matt went ahead to reveal that Jacob and Jeremy will continue to keep themselves away from the show. However, the LPBW star informed his fans that Zach and Tori will feature their storyline in Season 25.

Also, Matt informed his fans that Zach’s brain surgery would be the major storyline of the show. Matt concluded his statement after revealing that the show will cover Zach’s surgery and the health issues that come with dwarfism.

LPBW: Matt Roloff Shared New Plans About His Dream Home!

LPBW star Matt Roloff has been working hard on his dream house for a long time. He promised his fiance, Caryn Chandler, to bring her to a new home after their wedding. However, the construction was delayed for 5 years due to some legal issues.

Now, Matt is ready to wrap up the construction of his home. He shared a lot of information about his family in the latest season. The TLC celeb also spilled about the construction around the Roloff farms. He stated, “I’ve been living in the one-story home.”

Matt went ahead to reveal that Jacob and Izzy would move to his one-story home as soon as he shifts to his new home.

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