LPBW: Jeremy Says He Couldn’t Walk For Days After Accident, Admits Being In PAIN!

Jeremy Roloff from LPBW is not a social bee just like his wife Audrey. But he never fails to keep his viewers updated regarding his whereabouts. The celeb has a special bond with his audience even after he has left his family show way back. Hence, Jeremy’s fans are also always eager to know what he has been up to.

Amid all this, Jeremy ended up raising concern because of his social media absence for days and returned with tragic news! He revealed how he couldn’t even walk for days and explained the reason behind it! What happened to him? Is he fine? Why Audrey never mentioned the deteriorating condition of her husband on social media?

LPBW: Jeremy Explains Why He Couldn’t Walk For Days! Is He Fine Now?

LPBW star Jeremy Roloff always prefers privacy over fame. That is the reason he ended up leaving his family show as well. Yet the celeb maintains his stardom by having a bond with his audience via social media.

Jeremy shares the major events happening in his life, usually on Instagram, and is pretty active on the site. However, it has been a while since fans didn’t hear from him at all. This raised concern among the viewers until he came back to reveal the painful reason behind his absence!

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Jeremy admitted that he “disappeared” because of an “unfortunate” reason. He explained that he ended up throwing his “back out” really “badly.” The celeb further added that his condition deteriorated to the extent that he wasn’t even able to walk for around “two days.”

The ex LPBW star then confirmed that he is getting better and can now “mosey around.” Jeremy added that he was still aching, and this was a really “painful” experience. Hence, he has been “resting” lately and hasn’t done much in the past few days.

So, that was the main reason why he wasn’t active on social media as well. However, fans finally took a sigh of relief and were happy to know that at least Jeremy was getting better and things were getting stable for him now.

LPBW: Jeremy Gave A Quick Recap Of His Painful Week! What Has He Been Upto?

LPBW star Jeremy Roloff ended up disappearing for a while. He wasn’t active on any of his social media accounts because of an “unfortunate” reason. Fans were in shock to notice that his wife, Audrey, also didn’t talk about the reason why her husband wasn’t around these days.

However, as Jeremy made a comeback, he decided to finally give a quick recap about how his life has been and what he was up to in the past week.

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Jeremy revealed that a couple of “exciting” things happened to him during the last week. He recalled that he went to “Brasada” with his agency. The celeb explained that it was a huge “meetup,” but he was pretty much in his “room” during the entire time. However, Jeremy was happy that he attended at least “two dinners” where he “hobbled on down” anyhow just to attend them.

But Roloff was happy and admitted that it was really “fun.” Hence, it is evident that even after an unfortunate incident, Jeremy enjoyed his week.

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