LPBW: Jacob & Isabel Have Officially MOVED IN With Matt On His $4M Farm!

Jacob Roloff has left his family show LPBW way back. But he never left the hand of his father, Matt, and has been living on the infamous 100-acre farm. There have been several instances when the latter has praised his son for supporting him and being there for him.

Apparently, the star kid from Little People Big World wasn’t a part of the infamous family feud, as he didn’t have any kind of desire to take over his father’s property. However, after fans have witnessed Zach and Jeremy having an estranged relationship with Matt, they are now watching Jacob and the patriarch’s close bond.

Recently, viewers were in shock when they got to know that Jacob and Isabel would now be moving in with Matt and would live with him! Is this true? Will the star kid’s family really live with the latter?

LPBW: Jacob & Isabel Are Moving In With Matt? In His House?

LPBW stars Jacob and Isabel have been living on the 100-acre farm for a while now. They still share a great bond with Matt, unlike Zach and Jeremy. Hence, the couple decided to save money and live on their family property but in an RV!

Thus, in this way, they were able to help Matt out while their privacy was also maintained. However, now it seems that Jacob and his wife have decided to live in the latter’s house and are now moving in with him as well.

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Recently, an eyewitness who visited Roloff farms during the pumpkin season disclosed some shocking news to TheSun. It revealed that Matt decided to have a book reading session of Little Lucy Big Race. After this, he allowed his guests to ask questions regarding his book and his farm.

A curious visitor inquired about the ongoing construction of the dream house, because of which the LPBW patriarch ended up spilling the tea. Matt revealed that he is currently living in a “one-story home.” He further added that as soon as he would move into his grand new mansion, Jacob and Isabel would be moving into his current house.

As per the reports, Matt’s house is constructed on the $4 million Roloff Farms. This clearly means that the star kid would now be living Zach and Isabel’s shattered dream!

LPBW: Will Jacob Be Taking Over Roloff Farms Now?

LPBW stars Zach and Jeremy started to share an estranged bond with Matt because of their infamous family feud. The former wanted to take over their family property and raise their kids exactly the way they were brought up. However, soon, their dreams were shattered because of Matt’s stubbornness.

But as per the current scenario, Jacob is the only one among the patrairch’s sons who is in his good books. Moreover, he would soon be moving into Matt’s house as well. This made the viewers wonder if he would be the one who would take over the Roloff farms now!


Recently, Caryn’s son Connor revealed that taking over the farm would be “a little bit too much” for Jacob. He believes that the latter just wants his “own place” while he is enjoying helping his father. Moreover, the star kid has also confirmed in the past that he doesn’t have any kind of intention to take over his family property.

Hence, for now, it seems that Jacob is happy with what he has, and he isn’t aspiring to have more.

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