LPBW: Fans Express Concern Over Jackson’s Legs! Is He Fine?

Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah are absolute favorites from Little People Big World. Their parents, Zach and Tori, have been a part of the reality TV realm for a while now, and LPBW viewers aren’t able to get enough of this family. Hence, the audience keeps track of their adventures and excitedly awaits updates on their parents’ social media.

Amid all this, Tori recently posted a wholesome clip of her kids, but fans couldn’t take their eyes off Jackson. They noticed how his condition may be deteriorating, and the video ended up raising concern about his legs among his audience. Is the star kid fine? Did his leg surgery fail?

LPBW: Viewers Are Concerned About Jackson’s Legs!

Jackson has inherited dwarfism from his father. Hence, there are several challenges that he has to face because of this while growing up. The LPBW star kid has to deal with a condition of “bowed legs” and has even undergone surgery for the same.

But it seems that Jackson’s surgery didn’t make a noticeable difference in his condition. Recently, Tori took to Instagram and shared a wholesome video with her kids, which ended up raising concern among her fans. In the clip, she and her children did a solo wild dance chance by chance with a flashlight in hand when the background lights turned off.

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Tori added to the caption, “Had to jump on this trend.” She further wrote, “The kids knocked it out of the park!” Fans loved the clip but got really concerned when it came to Jackson’s legs.

Several LPBW viewers took to the comment section and expressed their nervousness regarding the same. A user wrote, “I’m so nervous for Jackson’s legs!!” Another one wondered, “Why can’t Jackson’s legs be straightened.” Someone further stated, “Poor baby.”

Several viewers wondered if Jackson was actually walking on the “side” of his feet. Some fans even explained that it would be really “painful” for him.

LPBW: Heart-Wrenching Tale Of Jackson’s Leg Surgery!

Zach and Tori were determined to correct Jackson’s bowed legs situation. Hence, the LPBW stars decided to go for Hemi epiphysiodesis, which is the least painful surgical option for the same. The treatment aimed at correcting the curvature by packing plates on Jackson’s growth plates.

Jackson dealt with the entire situation like a champ and left everyone in disbelief. However, the doctors made it clear that the results won’t be instant. They would have to wait for a while for the star kid to grow so that they could check the progress of their treatment. Hence, for now, it isn’t clear whether Jackon’s leg surgery was a success or not.


Some viewers believe that perhaps Jackson’s surgery has failed. Apparently, he still has bowed legs, and it is really uncomfortable for them to watch. On the other hand, it is evident that this condition isn’t really hampering the growth of Tori’s elder son.

Jackson is often featured playing football and running around the fields. In the recent clip as well, he was dancing like a pro and impressed his fans once again. Hence, for now, viewers are just hoping and praying for the best for him.

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