LPBW: Caryn Chandler’s Son Connor Was A Drug Add!ct At 15! Opens Up About Struggle

Caryn Chandler has come a long way as a reality TV star. At first, she was just a farm manager at Matt’s Roloff Farms, which features in Little People Big World. That’s how LPBW viewers got to know her. Later on, she became his girlfriend, and she is now engaged to be married to him. Amidst all, fans have remained quite curious about Chandler’s life as they only know her as Matt’s partner. Well, it turns out that she has a son, Connor. Although he’s never had enough screen time, fans have been talking about him. Well, not for all right reasons, of course. Now, Connor has been opening up about his struggles with depression and drug addiction!

LPBW: Caryn Chandler’s Son Connor Had A Hard Life! Abused Drugs At 15

Noted LPBW celeb Caryn Chandler has garnered a lot of attention in the past few years. LPBW introduced her as Matt’s girlfriend, and now they are looking forward to tying the knot. Die-hard fans must know that Caryn has a family of her own. It includes her son, Connor. The latter opened up about his life in a recent interview. He admitted having a turbulent bond with his mom in the past, but now they are in a better place, trying to make everything work.


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It turns out that Connor moved into his mother’s house after he split from his girlfriend, Ashley. Together, they also have a son, Liam. The former mentioned being dependent on the drug Xanax when he was 15. As he was in school, he heard about the kids using this medication feel better. This was around the time Connor began experiencing depression and didn’t know how to deal with it. Hence, he became an addict. After being in some inhouse and outhouse rehabs and a couple of relapses, Caryn’s son is doing great.

LPBW star Caryn’s son Connor mentioned that he began smoothening his life at the age of 19. Now, he is 24 and admitted to being clean for years. Although he still struggles with depression, things are far better for this young dad than they were ever before.

LPBW: Connor Met His Son Once For A Few Minutes In 6 Minutes! Custody Battle Chaos

Apart from his drug addiction, Connor also tried explaining the reason behind his current depression. It happened after he split up with his girlfriend, Ashley. Apart from his mother Caryn from LPBW, he has had a rough patches with his ex, too. It took a toll on him as together they are parents to their baby boy, Liam. Things got out of hand between Connor and Ashley

when his partner called the cops and accused him of banging the windows and doors of her residence. At the same time, the court had ordered him to pay child support worth $799.


Connor was not allowed to meet his son Liam. His partner, Ashley, had applied for sole custody. So, he only got to spend time with his son for a few minutes in the last six months! But things have been looking up for them. Connor mentioned trying to co-parent with his ex to raise their son better cordially. Hence, things are sailing smoothly for Caryn’s son for the time being. She often shares glimpses of her family through Instagram, too. Keep track of all the latest LPBW updates by checking TV Season & Spoilers.

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