‘LPBW:’ Audrey Roloff Ripped As Ember Tortures Pet Cat

TLC’s Little People, Big World (LPBW) alum Audrey Roloff is once again under fire. The latest criticism comes after Jeremy Roloff’s wife posted what many agreed was a “staged” video on her Instagram.

While fans made it clear they had all kinds of issues with her video in the comments, one huge concern was their pet cat. Namely, fans were in agreement that Ember was torturing the furbaby. Furthermore, fans agreed Audrey was a poor pet owner for not putting a stop to it.

What was happening in this concerning video? Keep reading for the details or scroll down to watch it.

Audrey Roloff | Youtube
Audrey Roloff | Youtube

Audrey Roloff took to Instagram just yesterday to share a video of herself sitting outside with all three of her children. In addition to her three children, Ember also had their pet cat tightly wrapped in her arms. The cat’s back was resting against Ember. The cat’s legs and head flailed around a bit during the video. Everyone watching the video agreed it felt as though the cat was trying to break away from Ember’s grasp. Unfortunately, Ember just continued to hold tight to the cat not allowing the cat to escape.

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Little People, Big World fans were heartbroken for the cat. They urged Audrey Roloff to “do better.” Moreover, they were worried the children were hurting the furbaby the way they held tight as the cat tried to escape.

Little People, Big World fans believed the video was staged. Fans pointed out that Jeremy was holding the camera or Audrey set up a tripod to film before capturing this moment. TLC fans noted that Audrey should be more concerned with just spending time with her children. And, that she should stop finding value in trying to capture these moments to place them on social media. Others chimed in to agree that she overshared on social media and owed her children some scrap of privacy.

  • “Well setting up the camera to capture a moment is not being in the moment! Your kids are more important then a post”
  • “Also please don’t share everything with social media.”
  • “Also recognizing the extreme privilege of being able to live this way and freely.”

Several fans pointed out that Audrey Roloff doesn’t think about how lucky she is to live “freely” with her children. Sadly, many fans add they are forced to work one or in some cases two jobs just to make ends meet. So, they don’t have the time to take her advice.

Why do you think LPBW fans were so critical of this video? Do you think Audrey Roloff is blind by how lucky she is? More importantly, do you think Ember was torturing the pet cat?

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