LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Living On Roloff Farms As Their $1.5M Farmhouse Is Undergoing Renovations?

LPBW stars Jeremy and Audrey made a massive decision to move out of the Roloff farms after the infamous family feud. The former wanted to spend his life on his family property and raise his kids. But due to Matt’s stubbornness, things couldn’t work out, and the Little People Big World couple had to uproot their life from the 100 acres of land. Amid all this, Audrey and Jeremy bought their super-expensive dream house and started to live in Hillsboro. But now it seems that they are back to basics and have started to live on the Roloff farms again! But why are they back? Did they reconcile with Matt?

LPBW: Audrey And Jeremy Are Back On The Roloff Farms? But Why?

Jeremy Roloff bought his $1.5 million dream house in Hillsboro, Oregon, after he couldn’t lock in a deal with his father, Matt. Hence, he realized that his dream of living on the Roloff farms was shattered, and he had to move on anyhow. So, after paying a hefty amount, Jeremy and Audrey from LPBW further spent around $700,000 on renovations

. But recently, the latter revealed that her house still needs a lot of work to be done. So, they were now “remodeling” it as well. Hence, the entire family had to move out within a week for the workers to start the demo procedure. Amid all this, fans were in shock when Audrey hinted that she was living on the Roloff farms lately!

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Recently, a Reddit thread started wondering if Audrey was on the Roloff farms these days. Apparently, there have been several instances when Jacob’s wife Isabel posted pictures with Jeremy’s son Bode. Even Audrey also shared a snap in which her SIL was playing with her kids. Moreover, the latter also posted a picture in which Bode and Mateo sat together when they went for peach picking and wore identical outfits. This made the LPBW viewers wonder if Audrey and Jeremy were living on the Roloff farms till their house was remodeled and ready.

LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Are Trying To Mend Fences With Jacob & Isabel?

LPBW couples Audrey & Jeremy and Jacob & Isabel have already left their family show and are living their lives on their terms. The former couple never fails to keep their viewers updated via social media, while the latter lives a low-key life. Apparently, fans are well aware of the issues that both of them had with each other. Jeremy and Jacob clashed on several topics, and fans were sure that they weren’t two peas in a pod. But now it seems that the brothers and their wives are working on mending fences, and their relationship is getting better.


Recently, Audrey took to Instagram and thanked Jacob for taking care of her Dahlia patch. Apparently, her family wasn’t in the town for a few days. So the latter owned up and took good care of the celeb’s flowers. Not only this but there have been several instances when Audrey was spotted commenting on Isabel’s pictures and showing her love for her. The latter is also spending time with the former’s kids these days. Hence, it is evident that some broken bonds are now mending, and things are falling in their favor. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest LPBW tea.

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