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Liz Threatens To Leave Big Ed Due To Bad Performance In Bed

90 Day Fiance star Liz Woods is trying to take all the therapy sessions on The Last Resort seriously. She isn’t hiding anything from the experts and is expressing her true emotions on the show. It is evident that the celeb has an endless list of issues with Big Ed. Amid all this, it seems that Liz is now really fed up with their bedroom life. Recently, she made some shocking revelations about the same on the show and even claimed that she would leave Ed because of his bad performance in bed! What did she reveal?

90 Day Fiance: Liz Claims She Wants To Leave Ed Due To Intimacy Issues

90 Day Fiance stars Liz Woods and Big Ed never had a stable relationship. Their 11 breakups made it clear that they weren’t sure about their togetherness. Yet, the couple decided to finally give their bond one last chance and signed up for The Last Resort show. Here, they are trying to make things work with the help of a council of expert therapists who regularly take their sessions. In one such segment, Liz decided to open up about her deteriorating bedroom life. She revealed some surprising facts publicly and made it clear that she won’t stay if they aren’t rectified as soon as possible.


Liz shockingly revealed that Ed usually ran out of breath within no time and wasn’t even in shape! She added that she doesn’t like giving him 5 minutes to recover and then finish the job. Hence, the celeb now prefers to please herself instead of waiting for her fiance to do the same. Meanwhile, Liz confessed that her bedroom life was really bad and she didn’t like it at all! She admitted that thinking of any kind of intimacy with Ed is kind of the furthest thing for her. Hence, the 90 Day Fiance beauty made it clear that her fiance needed to work on this aspect, or else her relationship would soon end!

90 Day Fiance: Big Tries To Defend Himself While Liz Furiously Shuts Him Down

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed didn’t like the fact that Liz Woods talked about their bedroom life in front of everyone. The former was really embarrassed and didn’t even have words to cover up. Yet the celeb tried to defend himself. Ed claimed that he recently underwent surgery and was still trying to get back into shape. But it seems that Woods wasn’t convinced with him at all. She chimed in and stated that his surgery took place way back, and it has been months now. Still, Big Ed felt that Liz was “throwing missiles” at him!

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Ed felt that Liz was actually trying to embarrass him publicly. But the latter wasn’t in the mood to take any accusations at all. She made it clear that she was just being honest in the therapy session. The celeb furiously shut Ed up when he further tried to escalate the matter and accuse her of different things. When he saw that Woods wasn’t in her mind, he finally decided to admit his mistakes and apologized for them as well. Fans loved the way Liz was taking a stand for her.

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