Liz Johnston Shares Devastating Loss

Liz Johnston shocked 7 Little Johnstons fans when she recently announced that she and Brice Bolden are expecting their first child together, but now some devastating news arrived. So, what is going on? Is it about the baby? Read on to find out.

Liz Johnston Shared Good News Ahead of Sad?

Somehow, fans doubted that the pregnancy was as happy an occasion as was made out. After all, Trent and Amber Johnston are known to be down of unmarried people sharing a bed. However, the family puts a happy face on things. On Her social media, Amber shared that she’s all “excited ? that I will become a Lolli in a few short weeks.” 

Trent said about the pregnancy of Liz Johnston, “I’m going to be a Boppa! We are so happy and super excited for the first grand baby.” Well, just a few days later, some devasting news came to light. However, it made some TLC fans angry. If you worry that the bad and sad news is about the baby, then you can relax. The 7 Little Johnstons‘ family has not bid farewell to the child that arrives in November.


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Liz Johnston Shares Devastating News With 7 Little Johnstons Fans

While Emma Johnston and her family all are about the new baby, a post was shared by u/Personal-Kitchen6846 on Reddit. The caption said, “I was scrolling her Facebook after they announced the pregnancy and saw this?.” Why the sad tears? Well, it turned out that Elizabeth’s pup had died. Notably, a lot of people seem very angry about it.

7 Little Johnstons Liz Johnston Shares Devastating Loss Facebook via Reddit
7 Little Johnstons – Liz Johnston posts puppy died – Facebook via Reddit
Liz Johnston originally shared the news with a photo and some text back at the end of August. So, it’s not sad news after good news. In early September, nobody suspected that the 7 Little Johnstons’ star nursed a pregnancy secret. However, it seems that not many TLC fans picked up on the death of Miller, the dog. From the tone of the post, it seems like the pup died in an accident.

TLC Fans React To Elizabeth’s News

Liz Johnston wrote, “We lost our Miller Man, Mill-Dawg, Big Boy, Mill, Mill Mill, Crazy Boy to a horrific incident this past weekend. Plus, she mentioned he’d “never be forgotten,” and listed a long lineup of nicknames for her dog. Now, fans say that she got the dates of the pup’s life wrong because her post showed that he lived for only three months. And yet, Miller was on social media much longer than that.

Apart from that, a lot of TLC fans slammed her. One of them said, “Georgia was gone fast and so was this poor boy. They should not have pets. Anna is the only one who seems capable of caring for a pet.”

A second commenter wrote, “Can this entire family (besides Anna) be blacklisted from ever owning animals?! Hopefully, Liz takes better care of her child. F–k this pisses me off.”

Are you sad to hear the news about the pup that died? Do you think that Liz Johnston should never own another pet? Are you also skeptical about her and Brice Bolden being able to safely raise a baby? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of 7 Little Johnstons when it returns to TLC.

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