Lilah Roloff’s Tear-Filled Meltdown, What Happened?

Little People, Big Word starlet Lilah Roloff usually seems like a happy child these days but recently, she had a tear-filled meltdown. Her mom, Tori posted a video on social media that showed her child revealing her unhappiness. Next, she explained what was going on, and admitted that she felt some sympathy for the Pre-K kid.

LPBW Lilah Roloff Isn’t A Baby Anymore

Little People, Big World stars, Zach and Tori welcomed their second child in November 2019. Initially, the sweet kid didn’t do much, but she looked cuter than a box of Christmas candy. Although she struggled with developmental milestones, everything seems to be okay now. Remember, when she was still a baby, it took a long time for her to sit unaided. Then, after she pulled herself up by handing onto a table, she didn’t get the idea of walking very well. After much patience, she finally learned to push a little stroller in front to give her balance.

LPBW Instagram Tori Roloff Girl Lilah Roloff Not Longer A Baby
LPBW Lilah Roloff Not Longer A Baby – Tori Roloff – Instagram

These days, Lilah Roloff got a lot of confidence and that came after her mom and dad sent her to dance class. Proudly, the family went along and watched her in her first-ever recital. Although she still struggled in some areas, she took to school quite well after her mom helped her with some speech therapy. TLC fans seldom see the princess-obsessed child in tears. So, what happened recently that ended up with her having a meltdown? Read on to see for yourself.

LPBW Lilah Roloff Melts Down Walking Along A Track With Her Mom

TLC star, Tori took to her Instagram and in her stories, she popped up a video clip that showed the little kid holding onto her mom’s hand. Instead of the happy, smiling girl that fans usually see, there were tears and a little red face. Actually, she looked like she really didn’t want to be there. Instead, she looked desperately unhappy. In her text overlay, the Little People, Big World star wrote, “Cried our way through our first fundraiser this morning!” 

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Lilah Roloff’s mom felt a bit sorry for her daughter, though. She also wrote, “I mean I honestly can’t blame her…” Then she added, “That was a big track and she’s got little legs.” TLC fans couldn’t comment about that on stories, but it’s likely that some people would have snarked about making such a little kid take such a long walk. However, over on Reddit’s Little People, Big World community, people are way too busy bashing Audrey and Jeremy Roloff.

What Are Your Thoughts About Those Little Legs?

Lilah Roloff really is a little person, in more ways than one. She is only a youngster and although she zooms around on her scooter at home, her achondroplasia means that she has really short little legs.

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