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Kimberly Gets Cold-Feet Before Wedding To Indian Lover Tejaswi

Kimberly and Tejaswi (TJ) hogged the spotlight for their cultural clashes in 90 Day Fiance. They appeared as the newest pairs and worked hard to make it work out. Kimberly hails from America, while her partner, TJ, is an Indian citizen. She decided to uproot her life to convince the latter’s family for their marriage and live with them. However, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses for the American native.

TJ’s family wants her to adopt their culture and customs quickly, and Kimberly is doing everything she can. Finally, both families had been looking forward to their marriage. However, it appears that the TLC star isn’t excited at all. She expresses her thoughts to her family, and her dad even gave a solution. 

90 Day Fiance: Kimberly Rochelle Expresses Her Concerns Before Marrying Tejaswi Goswami To Her Parents!

Kimberly Rochelle has had a tumultuous journey in India ever since she landed. She visited TJ’s parents to live with them and develop an understanding. However, things went south when his parents and brother tried insulting her for their cultural differences. Previously, she argued with TJ’s brother Yash, and he called her names. Later, the family objected to her dressing sense when she sported ripped jeans.

Now, it appears that the reaction of the Goswami family has made things bitter for her. Recently, Kim’s mom and dad talked to their daughter before the wedding. According to ET, she expressed her fears to her family and cried her heart out. The 90 Day Fiance alum started telling the truth about TJ’s brother calling her “trash” and “stupid.” Further, Rochelle went on to express how his family bashed her culture and individuality because it was different from theirs.

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Kimberly adds what affected her the most was that they wanted her to live with them, but they didn’t want her to be herself. Moreover, she tearfully revealed it made her feel like she was not excited to get married. Finally, Kim’s dad consoled her and made her understand that TJ already invested a lot of money in the wedding and their apartment. However, he suggested if they postpone it, then she still would have the opportunity to work things out with TJ. Also, he stated that she didn’t have to stay there in case it didn’t work out.

90 Day Fiance: TJ’s Mom Alka Slammed Kimberly For Wearing Indecent Clothes!

TJ and Kimberly’s journey isn’t going as expected. The latter is doing everything she can to adapt to the Indian culture. Meanwhile, Tejaswi believes that she needs time to adapt to things, and he doesn’t want to force her. Recently, his mom lashed out at the Alabama native for wearing ripped jeans in the house. The couple entered the room and greeted TJ’s mom, dad, and brother. However, Alka became furious about Kimberly’s dressing sense

and asked her son, “Doesn’t she know how to dress in front of others?”


Meanwhile, TJ defended his partner in front of his family, but she didn’t stop. Finally, the conversation heated up when Yash added fuel to the fire, and TJ shut him down. But Kimberly left the room tearfully after all the insults from his family.

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