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Kenny Niedermeier Spills The Real Reason For Not Having A Baby!

Kenny and Armando turned many heads with their successful relationship and incredible bond. They were among the first gay couples to enter the 90 Day Fiance. The reality TV couple met at a group for single gay dads and fell in love with each other. TLC featured their lives on many seasons. Kenny and Armando are raising the latter’s ten-year-old youngest daughter together.

Meanwhile, the former is a 60-year-old man who has raised four kids already and is a granddad. The couple have been butting heads over having their child since the last season. Finally, Kenneth reveals the real reason for not wanting a baby.

 90 Day Fiance: Kenny Opens Up About The Truth Behind Not Wanting A Child!

Kenny Neidermeier and Armando Rubio are currently in a very weird relationship stage. They crossed several challenges to be with each other. Fans labeled them as the most perfect couple in the show with no drama and toxicity. However, they have their own set of conflicts and issues.

Armando has been requesting his 60-year-old partner to have their biological kid. However, Kenny disagrees with his wish considering his age. According to Screenrant, the 90 day Fiance revealed the real reason why he is refusing Armando’s wish. The reality TV celeb stated, “A lot of people think he’s pressuring me to do it and I just keep saying, ‘I’m too old, I’m too old.”

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However, Kenneth joked that it is not like wanting to retire and sit on a rocking chair. But the TLC celeb fears that he won’t be able to see the baby growing up due to his age. Neidermeier will probably hit his 80s when his child starts his new life. Also, he stated that he loves kids but his age is the real problem.

Kenny on the other hand has no issues with adopting an older child. He also wants to fill the void in Armando’s life as he lost his wife when she was pregnant. The reality TV celeb understands his partner’s wishes and wants to help him.

90 Day Fiance: Kenny Armando Spills Their “Secret” To A Happy Marriage!

Kenny and Armando set the standard high for all the 90 Day Fiance couples with their sweet relationship. Fans have been asking how the two have been managing to make it work. The TLC stars decided to open up about their secret of a healthy relationship.

Kenny revealed that they always gave each other one percent extra to make it work. Also, the reality TV celeb stated that humor has always been a very crucial element in their relationship. He expressed how they make each other laugh and don’t usually mind small things.

Further, Armando stated that trust is a major element in any marriage. Also, he claimed that they never lied to each other. Moreover, he revealed how they kept each other updated about their lives during the long-distance relationship.

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