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Isla Bella Resort’s Ratings Sink As Guests Share Devastating Experiences During Filming Of “The Last Resort”

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort has topped the rating chart because of the unlimited drama and entertainment it has to offer. It has brought some of the most controversial couples in the history of the reality TV realm, and viewers aren’t able to get enough of them.

Apparently, it was filmed in a beautiful resort named Isla Bella. But it seems that the ratings and reviews of the place saw a dead low because of the filming of The Last Resort. But what happened? How did it jeopardize the growth of the place?

90 Day Fiance: Vistors Complain About Isla Bella Resort Because Of The Show’s Filming!

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort has brought five couples under the same roof where they are facing their demons. It includes dramatic stars like Angela Deem and Big Ed. So, it is evident that the spinoff has endless arguments and fights. Amid all this, viewers were in shock to learn that Isla Bella Resort’s rating went really down because of the show’s filming. Apparently, several visitors claimed that they were allegedly not informed prior regarding the shooting of a reality show in the resort. Hence, the vacationers felt that they couldn’t relax and enjoy because of the ongoing drama.

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort Location

Some visitors revealed in the comment section that “pools” were closed and the access to several amenities was really limited because of The Last Resort filming. Many claimed that restrictions were there on many areas just because of the camera crew. So it affected the quality of their vacation as well. Numerous viewers admitted that TLC should have booked the entire resort prior to the shooting of the show. Someone even added that Isla Bella is a great place unless someone is filming for reality TV in it. A user wrote, “Beautiful resort – ask about show filming upon check-in.” Another one added, “Try and Escape from Reality TV!.”

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90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort featured endless fights and arguments. Hence, it was evident that this drama would surely have disturbed the visitors who were trying to enjoy their vacation at Isla Bella resort. Several of them complained about the fact that there were many noisy disputes and fights in the resort. Some explained that there was an “F-bomb laced tirade at 10 p.m.,” which created a lot of issues. It was on the beach, and the visitor also provided a video of the same. Moreover, many of them even made a special mention of Angela Deem and her non-stop yelling in the resort.

90 Day Fiance

Many visitors complained to the authorities regarding the same. But they were really upset when the management didn’t take any valid action. Moreover, the authorities tried to cover up the matter by saying that the stars were also “guests.” Hence, they also couldn’t do anything. But a visitor was quick to claim that if some ordinary person would have done the same, the resort would have surely called the cops then and there. So fans felt that TLC and the makers should be accountable for this inconvenience.

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