Isabel & Jacob’s Son Mateo Looks ADORABLE With Curly Blonde Hair At The Roloff Farm

LPBW celebrities Isabel and Jacob Roloff have always believed in keeping details about their personal life low-key. That’s why they are the only couple who have never appeared on Little People Big World together. Jacob had already quit in order to protect his privacy.

The couple also decided to not show the face their only child Mateo on cameras. Jacob and Isabel are keen on shielding his identity. While many LPBW fans love updates about the little boy, they remain eager to get a glimpse of him on social media. Well, Izzy recently twisted their rules a bit and shared his picture on social media. Scroll away to get a look!

LPBW: Baby Mateo Enjoys The Farm Life, Is Obsessed With Horses

Isabel Rock kept her fans updated regarding her pregnancy every step of the way. But one thing she and her husband, Jacob, from LPBW, made clear was their need for privacy. They informed everyone about not showing their baby’s face on social media.

The new parents find it incredibly irresponsible that people share pictures of their kids when they aren’t old enough to give their consent. Jacob was very young when he called out the LPBW producer Chris Cardamone for molesting him he was just a child. After going through the traumatic time, it looks like he is trying his best not to expose their son to strangers online.

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Despite this, Isabel Roloff doesn’t shy away from sharing some glimpses of her baby boy here and there on her social media. Of course, she makes sure not to show his face. Recently, the LPBW celeb made a post of her boy standing near a stable.

She mentioned how Roloff Farms had a temporary horse named Buster, and her little boy was “stoked” to see him. Well, it was an adorable picture that captured baby Mateo from the back. He looked cute as a button in his tiny white shirt, maroon jammies, and blue sandals. His blonde hair with curls made fans gush, too!

LPBW: Proud Dad Jacob Shares Incredible Feat Of His Baby Boy!

While Jacob and Isabel are strict about making their son feel safe, they still share vague details from his life. For instance, baby Mateo has been incredible at learning things at a quick pace. This year, the former LPBW castmate mentioned how his baby boy has been good at sign language.

LPBW Little People Big World

It was a shocking moment for fans as Mateo is merely one year old! But that’s not all. Jacob Roloff made another reveal on his social media handle. He said how efficient his son has been when it comes to counting. To support his statement, Jacob also shared a video of Mateo counting with Isabel. He was able to do so till eleven!

It was pure joy for the LPBW fans to witness. They gave the little one lots of blessings and deemed him to be extremely bright for his age. Hence, they look forward to more posts about him and his exceptional skills.

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