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Fans Scared For Loren’s Life As Report Reveals She Only Has 9 MONTHS TO LIVE!

90 Day Fiance star Loren Brovarnik initially came into the limelight with her storyline with Alexei. They had many ups and downs, accompanied by endless family drama. However, the couple didn’t give up on their love and are now proud parents of three kids. The celeb has been busy raising her toddlers while she made a shocking revelation. Fans were left in tears when they got to know that Loren only had 9 months to live now and started sending prayers her way. What happened to her? Is she fine?

Fans Send Prayers As Report Says Loren Only Has 9 Months To Live Now

Fans have always loved Loren Brovarnik for her charismatic personality. She has always been open about her life and shares candid content on social media. The 90 Day Fiance celeb has posted about the best and worst parts of her life as well. Amid all this, fans were taken aback to know that their favorite star only has 9 months. Recently, BuzzFeed Trending published an article with Loren’s picture. The title said, “This Man’s Wife Has 9 Months Left To Live.” It further added, “Her Dying Wish Is A Pass To Cheat On Him With Her Ex.” Viewers couldn’t control their tears and started texting Loren to know the truth.

Loren took a screenshot of someone who sent her this post and wrote, “That’s you.” She further posted it on her Instagram and admitted that “Yes,” that was her picture. The celeb decided to clarify, “No, the article is not about me.” Loren further thanked everyone who shared the news with her. Fans finally took a sigh of relief as they finally got the assurance that Loren was fine. Apparently, this news sparked concern among 90 Day Fiance fans because she already had three toddlers and was fine until now. However, they were happy to know that Loren was healthy and that the article just used her picture and it wasn’t about her.

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90 Day Fiance: Loren Is Entering Into A New Phase Of Her Life

90 Day Fiance star Loren’s life turned upside down when she had three babies consecutively in three years. Apparently, she had to look after and raise three toddlers simultaneously, which was a tiresome job. However, the celeb has been dealing with the dynamics with utmost maturity and grace. Amid all this, Loren even opened up about the hardships she faced and cried on social media as well. But her wholesome content regarding her kids has always been the cherry on the cake. But now it seems that she is again entering into a new phase of her life.

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Loren’s kids are growing at a super fast pace, and she is trying really hard to adjust to the change. As per the current scenario, all of them have started to go to preschool, and now she spends most of her day alone. The celeb recently admitted that this is pleasure in disguise. Loren claimed that she fears being in an empty nest and wonders if her children will stop needing her in the future. Yet, she is doing her best as a mom and is raising her kids with utmost love and care.

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