Fans Are Worried About A Roloff Farm Employee Who DISAPPEARED From Public Eye — Where Is He?

Little People Big World has been with the audience for years. LPBW fans are well aware of members and the associated people at the Roloff Farms since 2006. Matt Roloff is busy these days preparing for the Pumpkin Season. He has been sharing new details of the place on the official page of Roloff Farms.

LPBW fans are eager to know what are the new additions to the family property. But they are missing some of the past instances from the event as well. Well, it appears some fans are also missing a former employee of the farm who has now disappeared. Who is he, and where has he gone? 

LPBW: Fans Questioned Matt About An Old Employee From The Family Farm!

Matt Roloff has taken responsibility for introducing new thrills to the farm ahead of the pumpkin season. He has been sharing the new additions as well as the changes in the event for 2023. Now, it appears that the Little People Big World fans still remember an old employee from the farm.

Recently, Matt Roloff shared some crucial updates about the farm with the fans on Instagram. He was informing his fans about what was going on at the family property these days. However, some fans flocked to the comment section to ask about their employee Camerino Gonzalez Sanchez.

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Roloff Farms Instagram

He has been with the LPBW family for 17 years, working at their farm. One fan asked, “What happened to Camerino?” Meanwhile, another assumed that he might have been deported. So, the LPBW fans wondered if any member of the Roloff family was still in touch with the man.

Further, a different user explained that he was a good person with impeccable behavior. Fans of the TLC show might still remember that there was news about Camerino getting deported to Mexico in 2016.

According to TheSun, Matt’s former employee was held for cocaine possession, driving under the influence, and reckless driving. During one of the episodes, Amy revealed that Camerino had to go and expressed her sadness at the news.

LPBW: Matt Roloff Introduces Exciting Features For Pumpkin Festival!

Matt Roloff likes doing everything perfectly. Every year, the patriarch invites people around the world to access his large property and have fun. The entire family organizes a successful Pumpkin Festival and earns lots of money. However, Matt is alone now with his son Jacob this year because of the farm feud with Jeremy and Zach.

But the LPBW star isn’t afraid to try out some new things at the event. Recently, he informed his fans that they will have a series of new features this year. He took to the official page of Roloff Farms to reveal that there will be a Trike Track, Bunny Barn, and Coffee House for the entertainment of the audience.

The patriarch, Matt Roloff, revealed that fans will get to see some furry friends this year with a chance to pet them as well. Also, the visitors can purchase a huge variety of beverages and coffee products in the Coffee House. Do you think this year’s Pumpkin Season will break all the records?

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