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Did Molly Hopkins Have Ulterior Motives To Join 90 Day: The Last Resort?

Molly Hopkins’ latest actions on 90 Day: The Last Resort suggest she joined the show with Kelly Brown only to catapult her off-screen business.

Molly Hopkins entered 90 Day: The Last Resort to fix her relationship with Kelly Brown, but a few clues hint she also had other personal reasons. The 48-year-old mother of two initially had a great connection with her New York boyfriend. However, things changed after Kelly moved to live with Molly in Georgia, which caused a rift between them. Molly began demanding more from her beau, expecting him to support her business since he didn’t have a job. Kelly started feeling that Molly was trying to control him and only cared about work.

The pair debuted on 90 Day: The Last Resort and discussed their issues, and they both seemed to be at fault for hurting each other. Molly was responsible for mistreating Kelly and not giving him time to enjoy his retirement. At the same time, Kelly was accountable for not making any effort and thinking that his Georgia move was enough. Both cast members didn’t have a stable relationship. They joined the hit reality TV series to undergo therapy and find the solution to their differences and compatibility problems.

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Molly Isn’t Concerned About Relationship With Kelly

90 Day_ The Last Resort - Kelly Real Villain Relationship Molly

While Molly and Kelly joined 90 Day: The Last Resort, only the latter showed more interest in fixing the relationship. From day one, Molly appeared distant from her boyfriend and didn’t care much about being with him. Kelly seemed genuinely hurt as he explained the issues to therapists, but Molly looked cold while stating hers. She didn’t seem interested in improving things with Kelly and proved that by not sitting beside him during one of the therapy sessions. She maintained a rude tone toward Kelly and didn’t think twice before hurting him emotionally.

Molly Promotes Her Store On The Show

Besides her bad attitude, Molly has talked about her store on the show, which hints she’s using the platform to promote herself. Previously, Molly invited all the female cast members on the show to try undergarments from her shop. She seemed more excited about discussing her products than fixing her relationship issues with Kelly. In an Instagram post by 90 Days Or Life, fans discussed how the store promotion was a blatant sign that Molly joined the spin-off for ulterior motives. Someone even noted, “She also gets paid to be on the show so there’s that.”

Molly Keeps Calling Herself A Businesswoman

Molly and Kelly from 90 Day Fiance

Molly’s issues with Kelly keep revolving around her business. The Georgia-based reality star continues to call herself a businesswoman, further insinuating that her primary goal is self-promotion. Most cast members on the show seem to have real issues that don’t revolve around their work. Even self-absorbed stars like Big Ed Brown and Angela Deem haven’t tried to use the show to catapult their fame. In comparison, Molly has shamelessly been making things about herself. She comes out as a narcissist for only caring about her business and not feeling bad for the man who joined 90 Day: The Last Resort season 1 with her to resolve their issues.

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