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Dempsey and Statler had plans to buy a truck and travel to Europe

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Dempsey Wilkinson reveals if her van life with Statler Riley ever happened or if they changed their plan up.

  •  Dempsey and Statler had plans to buy a van and tour Europe while Statler worked remotely, but it appears they may have given up on that idea.
  •  The couple’s incompatibility and communication issues were apparent during the Tell All, with tension over Statler’s fast-paced relationship style and desire for children.
  •  Dempsey and Statler are still in love and together, but the future of their relationship and next steps are unclear.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days couple, Dempsey Wilkinson and Statler Riley revealed their couple van life goals during the season 6 Tell All, and Dempsey just gave a major update about it. Dempsey and Statler met on a dating app. Statler admittedly has a fetish for British accents, and her girlfriend before Dempsey was also British. The pair met in person for the first time during season 6 after seven months of talking online and by phone. Statler went to the U.K. with the intention of telling Dempsey she would move in with her.

Statler And Dempsey Are Together In America

Two days after Statler made an Instagram post, Dempsey made her own about visiting Statler in Texas. She shared a series of photos from the trip and captioned, “A few from when I visited TX. I had the best time, ticked a few off my bucket list. Loved all the surprises Statler booked.” Statler and Dempsey’s posts were written in the past tense, meaning their time together ended. Dempsey did not reveal what the next step after her trip looks like, but it’s clear she is still in love with Statler.

Have Dempsey And Statler Given Up On Van Life Idea?Montage of 90 Day Fiance's Statler & Dempsey

When talking about the van life during the Tell All, Statler said the idea was Dempsey’s, and she was just along for the ride. In any case, it looks like that vision never came to fruition, and the pair are still together and continuing long distance. They could have given up on the van life idea because of their unrealistic logistics and financial hurdles, or they may be trying to take their relationship slower. Statler stated that she hated the UK and it was “miserable” to her, so her ill feelings could be playing a factor in their next moves as well.

Dempsey and Statler Showed Their Incompatibility

Dempsey Wilkenson and Statler Riley during 90 Day Fiance B90 Tell All

There were clear signs of relationship strain and drama during the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season, and those incompatibilities surfaced further at the Tell All. While Statler’s fast-paced relationship style was an initial burden for them, things got worse. Statler’s insistence on bearing children and Statler’s blanket resistance to the idea drove a wedge between them. However, at the Tell All, Dempsey had a change of heart, although it’s hard to say if she truly retracted her baby fever. Moreover, holes in the duo’s communication were apparent, with Statler saying one of them always shuts down during important discussions.

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