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Could Kirsten Schoemaker & Razvan Ciocoi Be The Perfect Match?

Kirsten Schoemaker should consider dating Razvan Ciocoi from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days because he is much more mature than Julio Moya.

There are a few reasons why Razvan Ciocoi would be a better fit for Kirsten Schoemaker from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. The latest spin-offs have featured many new interesting pairs, not all of whom have had great journeys. Julio Moya and Kirsten initially had a great relationship when they connected on Instagram. However, things soon turned sour after Kirsten realized that Julio wouldn’t move to the Netherlands to be with her. In their final episode together, the pair had a heartbreaking split. Kirsten called out Julio as she moved on with her life.

Like Kirsten and Julio, Amanda Wilhelm and Razvan from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days didn’t have a great relationship. The pair initially seemed compatible due to their similar interests in fitness and future goals. However, the relationship deteriorated after the couple met in Bucharest, Romania, and realized how different they were. Amanda began comparing Razvan to her late husband and wondering if he was right for her. At the same time, Razvan was hurt by Amanda’s inability to have faith in him. Ultimately, it became clear that Amanda needed more time to heal.

Kirsten Deserves A Mature Man Like Razvan

Viewers have recently begun putting Razvan and Kirsten together, as they seem to be a perfect match. During Kirsten’s journey on the show, she didn’t have a mature partner. Instead, she had Julio, a grown-up momma’s boy. The 24-year-old deserves someone who can stand up for their beliefs and take a chance on love. Razvan would be a great fit for her, as he has shown the most maturity in his relationship with Amanda. The 26-year-old Romanian understood his partner and was also ready to be a step-father.

montage of Razvan from 90 Day Fiance: Before The Days season 6

Nhiều người khinh thường Amanda vì cô không ủng hộ ước mơ diễn xuất của Razvan. Người mẹ đơn thân 31 tuổi cho biết cô sẽ không giúp đỡ Razvan ở Mỹ và mong anh sẽ giảm cân. Cô ấy cũng đối xử với Razvan như thể anh ấy không phải là thành viên của gia đình cô ấy, một lá cờ đỏ lớn đối với bất kỳ cặp đôi nào. Kirsten sẽ không cư xử giống Amanda về những hy vọng và ước mơ của bạn đời. Cô ấy đã hỗ trợ Julio lâu nhất cho đến khi mọi việc không như ý muốn. Cô ấy sẽ làm điều tương tự với Razvan và đối xử với anh ấy tốt hơn Amanda rất nhiều.

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Kirsten & Razvan có mối quan hệ đường dài khó khăn

Kirsten Schoemaker ​​​​​​​ 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 5 taking selfie

Kirsten and Razvan would be a great couple because they could relate to each other. The two had similar long-distance relationships that didn’t end well. Kirsten had a partner in Julio, who never took his relationship with her seriously. Eventually, he broke her heart because he was too afraid to take the next step. Similarly, Amanda rarely took Razvan seriously. She wasn’t over her late partner and rushed into a relationship with him for possible ulterior motives. Kirsten from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 5 and Razvan would connect on a deeper level after their recent relationships.

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