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Clues 90 Day Fiancé Star Sophie Sierra Is Single

Several clues suggest 90 Day Fiancé star Sophie Sierra is not with Rob Warne anymore. Sophie is seemingly single and living in Austin, Texas.

  • 90 Day Fiancé star Sophie Sierra is potentially single after her split with Rob Warne, as indicated by her lack of relationship references on Instagram.
  •  Sophie was reportedly spotted filming without Rob, possibly for the upcoming season of 90 Day: The Single Life, suggesting they are no longer together.
  •  Sophie has confirmed that she has moved into her own apartment and is happy about having her own bathroom and makeup space.

Sophie claims Rob cheated on her with someone on social media by sending them naughty videos during this time. Sophie still floated the idea of applying for a K-1 visa and eventually moved to Los Angeles in season 10. Sophie wasn’t a fan of Rob’s house, which lacked privacy. She had to use a community bathroom to get ready for the day. Sophie hoped the living situation was temporary, while Rob mocked her spoiled, rich girl tendencies. There were other issues in the relationship, such as Sophie’s mom not being too fond of Rob and Sophie keeping her bisexuality a secret from him.

Sophie Doesn’t Follow Rob On Instagram

 montage of Sophie and Rob from 90 day fiance

Sophie’s Instagram account shows no signs of her being in a relationship. The only hint of Rob on her Instagram is in a teaser of her 90 Day Fiancé season 10 introduction she shared on her page. Sophie’s comment section is full of messages from people interested in dating her. Sophie even replies to some of the compliments by saying, “thank you.” However, perhaps the biggest clue she’s not with Rob is that Sophie isn’t following Rob’s Instagram account. Sophie and Rob’s love story began with her following him, so the unfollow does point towards a potential split.

Sophie Was Reportedly Spotted Filming 90 Day: The Single Life

On October 19, 2023, Reddit user bbykenz666 shared a video of Sophie “already filming more.” The video was originally posted by a nightclub in Austin, Texas. The video showed several members of a camera crew surrounding Sophie and a group of her girlfriends while they chatted at the bar. It didn’t provide context to what Sophie may have been filming, and according to the OP, the video was from a couple of months ago.

Rob not being a part of the scene being filmed led fans to believe that Sophie was filming for the upcoming season of 90 Day: The Single Life. “Why is she in Austin? Is this for the Single Life? Lol,” a user asked. “Ooh! I hope it is for Single Life! Rob the Knob was definitely no catch!” replied another. The fan continued, “I heard they are not together and that she was dating someone in Texas which is why I thought this!

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Sophie Has Confirmed She Moved Into A New House

Sophie doesn’t live with Rob anymore and moved into her own apartmentSophie shared a video on Instagram on October 25 to confirm the news. She posted a “Get Ready With Me” video to offer fans a glimpse into her new home and life. She revealed her secret skincare routine for her glowing skin and, mid-way through the video, said, “I obviously have a bathroom now.” Sophie said she’s “pretty happy” about having her “own bathroom.” She can now do her makeup in peace, and there’s also great lighting. “Life’s good,” Sophie added.

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