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Big Ed & Liz Woods Had A Beautiful BOHO-STYLE Wedding — New Details Out!

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort has done wonders when it comes to Big Ed and Liz Woods’s relationship. They have been a part of the reality TV realm for a while now. But couldn’t ever mend fences at all. However, lately, this couple has been working hard on their relationship and has even walked down the aisle now. Recently, Big Ed and Liz exchanged vows, and fans are curious to know more about their wedding. Viewers were in shock when they got to know some special details about their marriage ceremony. What are they?

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed And Liz Woods Had A Bohemian-Style Marriage Ceremony

Reality TV star Liz Woods is taking The Last Resort and its therapy sessions really seriously. She even slammed Big Ed multiple times for not paying enough attention and taking things for granted. However, now it seems that the 90 Day Fiance couple has sorted their issues and has already taken a big step of walking down the aisle. Recently, an invitation to their marriage revealed that Big Ed and Liz Woods would exchange vows on Tuesday, August 29, in Bentonville, Arkansas. Since then, viewers have been curious to know every minute detail of their big day.

90 Day Fiance

As per the reports, all friends and family members of Big Ed and Liz attented their wedding. The reception started at 3 pm at Holland Barn, and guests enjoyed the eve till 10 pm. Several sources further claimed that the couple decided to go with a “bohemian” themed wedding. Ed and Liz also reportdly added a strict  ‘no white’ rule to the ceremony, which everyone had to follow at all costs. Indeed, their marriage arrangements sound to be really dreamy. However, for now, there are no pictures from Liz and Ed’s big day on social media, and viewers are eagerly waiting for them.

90 Day Fiance: Will Big Ed & Liz Woods’ Wedding Be A Part Of The Last Resort?

90 Day Fiance stars Big and Liz Woods are reportedly husband and wife now. They are perhaps happily married and are living in their new house in Arkansas. Hence, viewers are now wondering if the couple’s big day would be a part of The Last Resort show or not. Recently, Big Ed and Liz admitted that they are open to filming their wedding. They were fine with cameras being around while they exchanged vows. Apparently, Ed feels that he is doing this not for the cameras. But because he loves and cares for Liz. So, there is a fair chance that viewers would be able to watch their ceremony on national television.


Yet, fans feel that there is a lot that Big Ed and Liz Woods need to figure out. Recently, the latter opened up about how bad her bedroom life was. She revealed that her partner was out of shape, and now she tries to please herself rather than waiting for Ed. The celeb made it clear that their intimacy should improve at any cost or else their relationship would be badly affected. So, if Liz and Ed had walked down the aisle, there is a fair chance that their bedroom life would have improved.

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