Big Bro Jonah Bonds With Alex, Takes Him Out For New Experience!

7 Little Johnstons star Jonah recently fulfilled his duties of being an incredible elder brother. He recently took his youngest sibling, Alex Johnston, to experience something for the very first time. Their mother, Amber Johnston, took to her social media to share a glimpse of her sons’ latest fun outing. She even mentioned that it was her youngest kid’s first time experiencing this. This new upload made fans both stunned and envious. Read further to have another scoop about the Johnston brothers’ recent outing!

Jonah Took Younger Brother Alex Out For A New Experience!

Jonah, being the eldest sibling of the 7 Little Johnstons family, recently stunned fans by taking his brother Alex out for something he has never done before. Their mother, Amber took to social media to share a glimpse of their first experience. She shared a picture of both her sons standing beside each other, donning wide smiles. Mama Johnston even captioned the post, ‘Big Bro taking Lil Bro to his 1st Georgia [football emoji] game!”. The post left fans buzzing, for many of them questioned if it was actually Alex’s first football match. Someone shared in the comments that in March 2022, TLC shared that the young star overcame his fear of football games and heights.

Amber Johnstons wanted to share through her post that both the brothers enjoyed Alex’s first Georgia Bulldogs match against the UT Martin Skyhawks. She even shared that the match was at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Ga. This made several fans gush in the comments and encouraged the brothers to have fun. One of them appreciated their bond, calling it a great friendship and brotherhood. Another 7 Little Johnstons fan expressed his shock and questioned if it was truly Alex’s first game. They even hoped that the lovely outing would not be featured in the show. While numerous other social media hoped that the football live outing would be featured in the show.

7 Little Johnstons: Fans Are Still Worried For Jonah Over Drugs Incident!

Jonah was one of the first Johnston siblings to move out of their parents’ home after finishing college. But he had come across several problems in his life. He had anxiety and some troubled relationships. His parents were even spreading awareness among youth about avoiding drugs last year, by taking their son Jonah as an example who faced side effects of Delta 8 drug

. But a 7 Little Johnstons fan dug deeper when he found that his parents said that they took him to the hospital after he was found unconscious. This was followed by checking his phone to make them aware of his bad habits.

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This claim made many fans question if Jonah actually did Delta 8 or was taking some other risky drug. They supported their accusation by sharing that consumption of Delta 8 does not have serious side effects. However, these are mere speculations, for anything of this sort is not confirmed by the Johnstons. What are your thoughts about the same? Sound off in the comment section below. Keep coming back to

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