Audrey & Jeremy Thrashed For Neglecting Ember’s Safety!

Little People Big World alums Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff often attract controversies. They are no strangers to receiving backlash from LPBW fans for their weird parenting decisions. Well, they allegedly often ignore their kids’ safety while attempting to enjoy themselves with their kids.

Recently, the couple was called out again for putting their five-year-old daughter, Ember, in potential danger. The clip featuring her and her dad Jeremy was shared by her mother, Audrey, which has raised concern among LPBW fans for the safety of Ember Roloff. This is because people were worried about a possible injury. Read further to have another scoop!

Audrey & Jeremy Receive Criticism For Ignoring Ember’s Safety!

Audrey was recently called out for posting an Instagram reel featuring her husband, Jeremy, taking all three of their kids for a ride on their ATV. None of the riders wore helmets, which raised concern among fans who warned her for ignoring their safety. But this seems to have no impact on the former LPBW star. Audrey took to her Instagram stories again to share a similar video.

She shared a video on Friday wherein her husband, Jeremy, drove his ATV on the dirt path behind their home. He had their eldest child, Ember, hovering on its back. Apparently, both dad and daughter did not had their helmets on. As he drove his ride up the path, Ember turned around to wave at her mother, who held her camera.

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Shockingly, Jeremy did not grip well on his ATV as he stared and pointed at the surrounding foliage. However, Audrey tried to convince her followers by adding a text to her clip that stated that her kids take a lot of rides to and fro Gigi and Papa’s home every day. But LPBW fans were not convinced, as many of them rushed to Reddit to express their shock. One of them questioned why Ember was not wearing a helmet.

Another shared that this is one of the reasons why kids get hurt or killed during their adventures. Many observed that it was a big slope and that Ember could’ve trip off the vehicle. They added that Jeremy had a handlebar to grip on, but all that she had was just his father’s loose t-shirt. While several others called it dangerous.

LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Are Not New To Criticism!

There have been various other instances where Audrey and Jeremy were called out for their parenting decisions. In July, Jermy took to his Instagram stories to share a clip that featured him using a tractor on his property while his youngest kid, Radley, was seen alone near him. The former recorded himself dumping heaps of dirt and gravel by using his machine backward. The LPBW alum opened the door of his cab while driving to record Radley standing alone inside the cab of an excavator.

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This upload made fans freak out, as a lot of them were concerned for the safety of Radley. Many of them expressed their concern in the comments of the Reddit thread that focused on this incident. Some of them questioned if it was safe, while others called it terrifying. What do you think of Audrey’s recent upload? Sound off in the comment section below.

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