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asmine Pineda Is Hustling Hard To Earn Money After Split With Gino

Jasmine Pineda from 90 Day Fiance was evidently dependent on Gino financially. The latter helped her a lot, yet they couldn’t make their relationship work. Though the couple tried their best to mend fences, they realized that they weren’t two peas in a pod. Hence, Jasmine decided to part ways with her fiance after an explosive fight. But she didn’t consider the financial aspect of her breakup. So, now the celeb has to clearly suffer a lot as her hustle mode is on because of her split. What is Jasmine up to these days? How is she earning?

Jasmine Pineda Is Hustling Hard To Earn Money After Split With Gino

90 Day Fiance star Jasmine Pineda shockingly has a long list of degrees under her name. But after she lost her job, she became financially dependent on Gino to some extent. Hence, the celeb was featured arguing with the latter to pay the rent of her apartment. Amid all this, it seems that Pineda didn’t calculate the cost of Gino’s absence from her life and ended up parting ways with him! But now Jasmine is struggling and is finding ways to make ends meet. Recently, she took to Instagram and talked about the same.

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Jasmine has been busy promoting her OnlyFans account these days. She recently even claimed that she can clean the houses of her viewers accompanied by their bank accounts as well. Amid all this, the celeb claimed during winters, she gets most of her “subscribers” on OnlyFans, which she feels is “insane.” Jasmine further added, “I hope this is the coolest winter ever.” She concluded by writing, “I’m sorry but I’m not sorry.”

The most controversial star of this season of 90 Day Fiance The Other Way, Jasmine, even shared a screenshot of all the tips that she has been getting from the platform. It was evident that fans are perhaps loving her OnlyFans account, as she has been earning a lot from it! So, it is evident that after leaving Gino, Jasmine is trying her best to make as much money as long as her popularity lasts.

90 Day Fiance: Why Did Jasmine Part Ways With Gino? What Was The Reason?

90 Day Fiance star Jasmine had uncountable fights with Gino. During their entire appearence, they ended up butting heads most of the time. Hence, viewers felt that their breakup was for their own good. But on the other hand, they were curious to know what was the reason behind their split. Apparently, it all started when Jasmine called out Gino for not paying her apartment’s rent till the K-1 visa got approved. He wanted her to shift to a cheaper place, but she wasn’t ready to listen to anything. Their argument escalated, and they again ended up bringing up each other’s past.

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Amid all this, Jasmine claimed that she doesn’t feel loved at all. She believes that Gino should keep her above his family. But the celeb is sure that the latter wouldn’t do that at any cost. Hence, Pineda was the one who wanted to “walk away” from her relationship with Gino. Apparently, the American native was a bit hesitant, like always. But he also realized that things weren’t working out at all. So Gino also ended up giving up on his bond with Jasmine. Now viewers are wondering if this couple would again make their way back to each other or not.

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