90 Day Fiance

Armando Goes Crazy At Gay Club With Male Str*ppers, Makes A Confession!

Kenny Niedermeier and Armando Rubio are finally back on the 90 Day Fiance screen, and fans are loving them like always. They are truely one of the most drama-free and entertaining couples in the reality TV realm. Though they have their own issues to sort and confessions to make, they are trying their best to make their marriage work. Amid all this, Kenny decides to spice up the dynamics and takes Armando to a strip club. The latter initially became uncomfortable but soon started to love the gay club filled with Male strippers! What are they up to now?

90 Day Fiance: Armando Secretly Likes His Nightout With A Stripper

Kenny Niedermeier and Armando Rubio are one of the couples of 90 Day Fiance who have made it to the aisle and are growing stronger every day. Fans love them because of the efforts both of them put into their relationship and their determination to make things work. However, during their current appearence, Kenny and Armando are butting heads over the topic of having a baby. Hence, to perhaps ease out the air, the former decided to take his partner for a night out, that too at a gay club with some sexy strippers!

Armando didn’t have any idea what the night had to offer him. He was chilling with Kenny and sipping his drink while a stripper dressed as a police officer stepped in. The latter stood on the stage and began a sexy dance while Armando’s jaw dropped. He was surprised and asked his partner, “Oh my God. What is this? What do I do?.” Niedermeier seemed to be comfortable and asked his beau to “enjoy.” Soon, the stripper started to do his job and began taking off his clothes.

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Though Armando was shocked and didn’t know how to react, he was enjoying each and every moment. He admitted to the cameras, “Secretly, I’m like, ‘Take it off! Take it off!.” The celeb confessed that he was “secretly liking” and was pretending to be way more uncomfortable than he actually was!

90 Day Fiance: Armando Enjoyed Getting A LAP DANCE From The Stripper

90 Day Fiance star Armando had never seen a stripper live in his life. So, he was a bit awkward and confused about what to do and what not. But still, the celeb admitted that he was loving the attention he was getting from the male stripper. Apparently, in an exclusive clip by People

, after the stripper removed his clothes, he went down to Kenny’s table. He started off by dancing in a sexy way in front of him. Then he soon moved to Armando and gave him a super touchy lap dance. Though he pretended that he was uncomfortable, fans feel he was surely enjoying it.

90 Day Fiance

Armando soon kept his shyness back door and started to rub the stripper’s naked body. He perhaps loved feeling the latter’s muscular chest and abs. The celeb even admitted that he was holding on just because of Kenny. Armando confessed that he didn’t want to “disrespect” the latter. Yet he claimed that he could feel the stripper eating him up and vice versa right in his soul. Armando further adds naughtily, “I’m crazier than you think.”

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