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Angela Might Not Return To The Show After “The Last Resort”

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem creates headlines wherever she goes. She has been a part of the reality TV realm for years now. The celeb appeared on several editions with her long-distance husband, Michael. As per the current scenario, they are trying to mend their relationship on The Last Resort.

But now viewers have started to feel that perhaps this one could be the last appearance of Angela. But why? Will she never return to the 90 Day franchise? Why possibly this could be her last season? Fans noticed some bizarre hints, and they are still in disbelief.

Angela Deem Won’t Be Returning For Another Season? Is It Her Last Appearance?

Angela Deem is one of the most popular members of the franchise. Though she receives a lot of hate because of her personality, she ends up bringing a lot of popularity to every edition she appears on. Yet fans have started to feel that perhaps 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort is the celeb’s last season.

There are chances she won’t return for another one. Apparently, the primary reason why viewers felt that was because of Angela and Michael’s storyline. They believe that their marriage isn’t going anywhere, and it would now lack content for a show full of drama.

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Michael and Angela married in 2020, and it has been around five years since they applied for the latter’s visa. It either gets denied or delayed. So 90 Day Fiance fans are wondering how long this couple can provide content to the show while they stay in a long-distance marriage. Moreover, The Last Resort is helping them resolve their issues.

Deem has finally moved on from her husband’s infidelity incident. Hence, again, it seems that things are now falling back into their favor, and their storyline will end. But drama-free content isn’t the only factor. Angela has already created endless controversies that would further determine her future.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Perhaps Won’t Appear Again Because Of Her Behavioral Issues

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem clearly has anger issues. Fans might remember how she wrecked Michael’s car when she went to Nigeria. Moreover, there have been several instances when the production had to stop the celeb, or else she would have ended up in a physical altercation case.

Recently, on The Last Resort, it was a really close call when Angela and Liz Woods had an argument. The makers intervened and stopped things from escalating. Hence, over the years, fans have started to feel that perhaps Deem is becoming more “dangerous” and “violent.”

90 Day Fiance

On the other hand, in whichever season Angela Deem appears, she ends up having issues with her castmates. Recently, on The Last Resort itself, she got wasted with Jovi and disturbed Yara. The latter wasn’t fine with the way her husband was with Deem.

Then, the celeb also created a rift between Ed and Liz because of her violent argument with Woods. Hence, viewers feel that perhaps in the future, most of the stars will deny sharing the screen with Angela Deem!

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