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Angela Freaks Out Yara & Kalani With Her Adult Toy — Yara Runs For Her Life!

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort has ended up becoming one of the most controversial yet entertaining editions of the franchise till now. All the noted five couples are under the same roof while trying to save their relationship and bonding with each other.

Hence, there have been several instances when fans witnessed them chilling out together and having fun with everyone. In one such incident, viewers were in disbelief when they saw Angela showing off her NSFW toy and chasing Yara with it publicly! What is she up to now?

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Chases Yara With Her NSFW Toy While She Shows It Off Publicly

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem is in the Last Resort’s villa, but her husband Michael has joined virtually and is still in Nigeria. So they were missing their bedroom life, and their intimacy was also affected because of the same. Hence, the sex educator of the show decided to introduce the couple with a “Bluetooth vibrator.” She taught them how to use it as well.

Since then, Angela has been obsessed with her NSFW toy, as Michael was able to operate it with an app from Nigeria. In a recent clip, the former was having a poolside conversation with Kalani and Yara when she suddenly took out her vibrator from her bikini! Angela stated, “It’s Michael’s penis,” while all of them burst into laughter. She further added, “He’s thinking of me,” and laughed hysterically.

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The infamous 90 Day Fiance celeb soon got up and started chasing Yara with her toy. The latter ran as fast as she could while Angela ran out of breath after a while. Angela claimed, “You’re lucky I’m an old lady.” Though many viewers called her out for bringing a “used” NSFW toy and chasing Yara, others clearly loved this side of Angela. A user wrote, “I’m laughing so hard right now!.” Another one added, “This is the Angela we like and want to see.”

90 Day Fiance: Angela & Michael’s Relationship Is Improving Because Of Their NSFW Toy?

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem and Michael were in shock when their sex educator introduced them to a Bluetooth vibrator. The latter helped them download the app and taught them how to change the frequency of the device. The couple evidently seemed to be amazed initially, but they started enjoying it within no time.

Apparently, this came after Angela admitted that she used to feel really lonely at night. She saw everyone going to their bedrooms with their spouses while she was actually left alone without someone to sleep by. Hence, now it seems that things are really getting better for the couple.

In a recent clip, Angela and Michael excitedly decided to try their newfound NSFW toy. The former was in a great mood, while the latter was ready to use his app. The couple had a great time together, and it was evident that their bond was actually getting stronger because of the same.

Hence, fans were happy to watch that Angela and Michael were finally taking their therapy seriously. So this perhaps could be the reason why their marriage is still going on!

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