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Angela Deem Gets Her Revenge On Bullies!

Angela Deem is one of the most candid personalities in the reality TV realm. She fears no one and never hesitates to show her real side. Hence, the 90 Day Fiance celeb often ends up being in controversies and has received backlash for numerous things in the past as well. But now it seems that Angela is holding back herself and is slamming all the trollers who have been calling her out for a while now. Recently, viewers were in shock when they noticed Deem ironically handling her bullies by bullying them back! What is Angela up to now?

Angela Deem Bullies Back Her Trollers

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem and controversies go hand in hand. She never fails to make headlines because of her anger issues and zero tolerance. Hence, that is the re ason why the celeb often receives a lot of hate because of the same. Though Angela usually prefers to ignore such trollers, now it seems that she has had enough of them. So, she decided to call out all her bullies by bullying them back on social media. Recently, viewers noticed that Deem has actually bullied many of her haters in the last few months.

90 Day Fiance

Someone called Angela an “old hag,” to which she reacted via her Instagram. She took a screenshot of the lady and wrote a cryptic caption. The celeb added, “Well ummm dam you got me bahaha.” Several viewers called Deem out for using “violence” to deal with her troller instead of ignoring such stuff. A user even called her a “wicked” person who simply wants a chance to spread negativity.

In another instance, Angela exposed a woman who was claiming that Michael should start controlling her. The former was quick to share a lady’s picture in which she wore a shirt saying, “Don’t judge me.” Deem captioned it as “HYPOCRITE AT IT BEST.” Hence, fans felt that it wasn’t appropriate to clap back at trollers by bullying them!

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Is Working On Her Anger Issues?

90 Day Fiance fans are well aware of Angela and her anger issues. There have been several instances when she lost her calm on national television and crossed all the limits. Hence, the celeb had many issues just because of her temper in her relationship as well. Amid all this, Deem signed up for The Last Resort show, where she is working to mend fences with her husband, Michael. Apparently, during a recent episode, one of the expert therapists made Angela realize that she needs to work on her anger.

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Angela admitted in her confessional that now she would be trying to work on her temperament. Fans were really happy to know that she was acknowledging her faults and was doing her best to mend fences with Michael. Moreover, after watching Molly’s rude behavior and Kalani’s chaotic relationship, viewers have started to appreciate Angela. Yet fans are wondering how long she would be able to resist and if she would control her nerves or not.

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