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Anfisa Has Undergone EXTREME Makeover For Bodybuilding Competition!

Anfisa Nava first came into the limelight owing to all her tantrums when she was with Jorge Nava on 90 Day Fiance. Despite their chaotic relationship, they said “I do” to one another. Well, things took a massive turn when they parted ways after a few years.

While Jorge is a family man again with Rhoda Blua and their kids, Anfisa has been flying solo for a while. Well, she has achieved immense things for herself. Lately, fans have been unable to recognize her after seeing what she has been up to lately! Keep scrolling to learn more about Anfisa’s current adventures!

90 Day Fiance: Anfisa Nava Is A Successful Bodybuilder Now! Looks Nothing Like Her Old Self

When 90 Day Fiance was only a few seasons old, fans got to meet Anfisa Nava. She quickly got the title of a golddigger owing to how she treated her fiance, Jorge Nava. But later, they parted ways. The Russian native decided to put all her focus into being the best version of herself.

Long story short, she began her fitness journey. Well, fans won’t believe where she is now many years later. It turns out that Anfisa has been training for bodybuilding competitions on a professional level. She recently shared a picture of her unbelievable physique on her social media.

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90 Day Fiance viewers were shocked after seeing her muscular arms and legs along with her rock-hard abs underneath her bright red bikini. Anfisa opened up about her transformation in the caption. She mentioned it required lots of hard work and consistency for her to look this way.

While many trolls tried to make fun of her by saying she looked like a man now, she has simply paid no need to them and blocked them online. Anfisa doesn’t believe that she looked better before as she has been comfortable with every shape she has been in.

Fans took to the comments section to commend her. They have been very impressed with her growth and transition.

90 Day Fiance: A Brief Look At All Of Anfisa Nava’s Achievements!

Anfisa Nava has been pretty open about her love for bodybuilding and fitness. In fact, most of her social media posts are full of flaunting her unreal physique and gym wear. Apart from this, she had also worked as a trainer in the past.

She inspired her 90 Day Fiance fans to buy her subscription to get trained from her. At the same time, Anfisa has also had academic achievements in the past few years. Apparently, she graduated from one of the top business schools, UC Irvine Paul Merage School. She graduated with an “honors degree” in 2022.

90 Day Fiance

Anfisa also shared a picture of her in a pink gown as she donned a black and blue graduation robe on top of it. Fans realized she was more than just a fit body and a pretty face. They were impressed with her brains, too. Her social media handle is proof that Anfisa is doing well for herself.

At the same time, she has not shied away from amping up her looks more. That’s because she has opened up about her rhinoplasty surgeries from her past, too. So, do you like the new Anfisa? Let us know in the comments.

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