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Amy Slaton Releases Pics Of Confirmed Boyfriend With Gage & Glenn

1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Slaton Halterman seemed to be in a very good place with her husband Michael about 18 months ago. But, everything went wrong and now they are divorcing. For a while, rumors came that she found a new man. This week, the TLC star hard launched her new boyfriend on social media.

1000-Lb Sisters Rumors Of Amy Slaton And A Boyfriend

The first hint that Michael’s ex had a new boyfriend came when she celebrated her son Glenn’s birthday at a restaurant. Although a female friend was present, Amy started referring to a large man as “Daddy.” Thinking he might just be a friend of the other woman the rumors died in the water for a bit. However, it later became clear that he was her new man.

1000-Lb Sisters Amy Slaton Hard Launches Her New Boyfriend - YouTube
1000-Lb Sisters – First Image Of Amy Slaton Halterman’s Boyfriend  – YouTube

The news arrived that Tammy Slaton had no time for Amy Slaton’s new man. The 1000-Lb Sisters star allegedly called him a piece of c**p. according to The Sun. The outlet confirmed his name is Tony Rodgers. Allegedly, he was dreadful with Amy’s kids. However, it seems that if the source was correct, the older sister was just being snarky. That’s because a video just revealed that he seems much better than Michael at interacting with them.

Amy Slaton Launches Tony Rodgers Via TikTok

InTouch Weekly reported that the hard launch of Tony Rodgers came via TikTok on November 27. This seems to settle the questions about him. Clearly, they are very much in love. The outlet noted that she wrote, “A&a 4ever.” However words were not needed, and 1000-LbSisters fans thoroughly approved.

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Amy Slaton Halterman - Tony Rodgers
Amy Slaton Halterman – Tony Rodgers

Amy Slaton posted a slideshow that revealed a lot of photos of Tony Rodgers playing with Glenn and Gage. Naturally, fans appreciated that because she cried and told Amanda that Michael never lent a hand with them. Other photos showed Tony being very loving with his girlfriend. Most importantly, she seemed happy as well and smiled with no shadows in her eyes. Click link to see the slide show.

Amy Slaton Halterman - Tony Rodgers
Amy Slaton Halterman – Tony Rodgers

TLC fans commented on their approval and mocked Michael Halterman.

  • Michael somewhere crying
  • This is prime “if he won’t do it, someone will”
  • Mike somewhere screaming,crying,throwing up ?
  • He’s not the stepdad, he’s the dad that stepped up!
  • Am I the only one oh one that didn’t get the memo?!? But genuinely happy for you ?.

Are you glad that Amy Slaton Halterman replaced Michael with someone who seems to have stepped up with the kids? Are you hoping that this time, the TLC star will find enduring happiness? Do you agree that her ex might be spitting mad? Let us know in the comments below and remember to come back here for more on 1000-Lb. Sisters.

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