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A Proposal Is Met with Sad Sobs, a Toxic Couple Calls It Quits and Tales of Sex Clubs Sound an Alarm

On the latest episode of '90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days', many couples gave their rocky relationships a second go — minus Gino, who plans to leave the country after one final breakup with Jasmine

It was a night of relationships highs and lows on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

David made final preparations to pop the question to Sheila, who was still mourning her mother’s unexpected death — but he wondered if he was making the right choice after she had an emotional breakdown at dinner. Amanda and Razvan worked to get back on track during a visit to his parents after their last argument.

Dempsey began to question if her relationship with Statler was moving too fast after her girlfriend’s first meeting with her pals went awry. Cleo’s friend Jane was yet again at the middle of her drama with Christian. The couple argued at Thanksgiving dinner over him talking to women at bars.

Meisha and Nicola were facing their own relationship crossroads after Nicola confronted her about not saying “I love you” in person while Jasmine and Gino’s latest argument may have marked the end of their relationship.

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90 Day David & Sheila
90 Day’s David & Sheila.TLC

David & Sheila

David admitted that he was “so nervous” to pop the question to Sheila when he knew nothing was “a sure thing.”

Despite his reservations, David decides to move forward with his plans to propose during a romantic dinner, saying, “I never found true love and now with Sheila, I finally found it. I believe in our relationship and I hope Sheila believes in it too. This will decide our future.”

The evening didn’t go to plan when Sheila told him she didn’t have an appetite and broke down in tears over her mother’s death and her son not wanting to move to America. David said in a confessional, “When Sheila starts to cry, I’m really thrown off. I’m thinking how Sheila has so much to deal with. Her mother passed away and her son doesn’t want to move to America. Maybe it’s not the right time emotionally for her for me to propose. Now, I don’t know what to do.”

However, as the night progressed, he had a change of heart when he realized he wanted to “take away Sheila’s tears and whisk her away to America,” adding, “Maybe that’s actually a  good reason to propose now. Hopefully it will make her feel better.”

“See it’s been a long time since we started talking and texting and I love you and you love me,” he began his proposal before pausing to dab away his nervous sweat and getting down on one knee.  “Honey babe, I have something for you. Honey babe, will you marry me?”

“For real?” she responded before accepting his proposal. After he popped the question, he called the experience “a happy blur” while she showed off her ring to the cameras.

90 Day: A Proposal Is Met with Sad Sobs, a Toxic Couple Calls It Quits and Tales of Sex Clubs Sound an Alarm
90 Day’s David and Sheila.TLC

Jasmine & Gino

Jasmine and Gino may have hit the end of the road in their volatile relationship.

Gino was still upset that Jasmine claimed to cheat on him with ex, sharing, “All these fights are wearing me out and this one really took a lot of me, like you’re sitting there telling me that you cheated with your ex and you f—ed him and it was good. This is how Jasmine can be at times. She can get upset and she says something really awful that she doesn’t mean, at least that’s my hope.”

He still wanted to reconcile with Jasmine because he was afraid he would “regret” not giving it another try for the rest of his life. When he confronted her about their argument, she denied ever having cheated on him.

“I told you that because I’m very hurt,” she said. “Because you find it OK to say I’m not the most important person in your life.”

“Being as important as my family before marriage, that’s pretty important,” Gino clarified, to which she responded, “But, that’s not enough for me. So you’re leaving tomorrow? Just let’s go our separate ways and let’s be over.”

90 Day: A Proposal Is Met with Sad Sobs, a Toxic Couple Calls It Quits and Tales of Sex Clubs Sound an Alarm
90 Day’s Jasmine.TLC

“I don’t feel love. I don’t feel appreciated. I don’t feel like it is worth to leave all my life behind here in Panama to go to the United States with a person who doesn’t love me,” she explained. “All you do is complain about me, to compare me to your family, just to let me know and throw it in my face that they are more important than me.”

Despite Gino claiming she was equally important to his family, she finally pulled the plug on the relationship, saying, “I want you to go and I want you to leave me alone. I’m breaking up with you. …You can hate me for this but in the future, you will thank me because I believe this is the best decision. Walk away!”

He finally left and made plans to return to the United States the following day.

90 Day: A Proposal Is Met with Sad Sobs, a Toxic Couple Calls It Quits and Tales of Sex Clubs Sound an Alarm
90 Day’s Gino.TLC

Statler & Dempsey

Statler didn’t hold back when meeting Dempsey’s friends.

Statler revealed that she planned to take Dempsey to Edinburgh, Scotland. She explained, “I planned everything and it involves mostly sex. The only thing I’m good at is sex.”

When Dempsey’s pals commented that Statler was “very open” about sex, she replied, “Yeah, I’m very open sexually. Have sex in a group setting, go a sex party, go to a sex club, have sex in as many places as you can.”

90 Day: A Proposal Is Met with Sad Sobs, a Toxic Couple Calls It Quits and Tales of Sex Clubs Sound an Alarm
90 Day’s Statler and Dempsey.TLC

Her response left Dempsey’s friends shocked and they wondered if her sexual confidence was “an American thing.” They added that Statler seemed “way out there” in comparison to Dempsey and they were worried about Statler’s “codependency.”

“Sometimes I do question whether we are actually compatible,” Dempsey admitted. “I am more reserved sexually than Statler is and Statler’s codependency, it does worry because I love my own space and I’m so comfortable being on my own. I don’t think I would be happy long-term if I feel like I’m suffocated. I just feel like there are a lot of red flags there and I really need to be careful.”

Later in the episode, Statler was pleased to hear Dempsey’s friends would like to see her again after she “word-vomited” due to her nervousness during their first get together.

Christian & Cleo

Christian and Cleo hosted Cleo’s friend Jane — who has a “bad impression” of Christian after their first meeting — for Thanksgiving.

“I’m hoping to change her mind, you know, I don’t want her poisoning Cleo’s idea of me just based off one situation,” he said referring to her being present during the fallout of him lying to producers about having sex with Cleo.

Jane also recalled her first encounter with Christian, saying, “The first time I met Christian, my impression was quite hostile, a little bit controlling, maybe a little bit aggressive. He tends to convince Cleo of his beliefs…. He just wants to be right and he just wants the last word.”

90 Day's Cleo and Christian
90 Day’s Cleo and Christian.TLC

Over Thanksgiving dinner, Cleo revealed that Christian invited an American woman — whom he met at a pub the night before — to their gathering. Jane immediately responded, “Did you meet any guys at the bar?”

“Not really,” he responded, adding they were the only two people solo at the pub.

“I’ve only seen him start conversations with girls but you know, he says he does start conversations with guys.” He agreed but added that “women are half the people on the planet.”

He claimed Cleo brought up his bar encounter to make him look like “a bad person.” He insisted, “I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.”

After Jane left, Christian told Cleo that he felt like he was being put in “the hot seat” during dinner. He was sick of her accusations so she left the room making him wonder if they could “go on” without strong communication.

Amanda & Razvan

Amanda and Razvan traveled to Croatia to meet Razvan’s family despite not being in “a good place” after nearly breaking up.

“I feel like since our last fight, Amanda is trying more because she really feel that she might lose me for good,” he shared. “Even if I’m not 100 percent sure the relationship will work, it’s nice to see her care. That gives me a little bit of hope.”

Amanda said she took “responsibility” for their recent argument, she added, “I feel really bad that I said such hurtful things to Razvan so I feel like it’s kinda up to me to show him I do still want this relationship.”

Razvan Gets So 'Scared' of Amanda's Jealousy That He Cries When She Reminds Him of His 'Toxic' Ex-Wife
90 Day’s Amanda and Razvan.TLC

She added, “I really can’t picture my life without him so I hope things continue to get better.” Amanda still worried that if the trip to meet his family didn’t go well, it might “break them completely.”

At the family dinner, his parents revealed that they didn’t like Razvan’s ex-wife because she didn’t communicate well and was always “pushing her own views.” His father believed that she didn’t “love him” which hurt them as parents.

When Amanda asked if he thought they matched, Razvan hesitated and didn’t give her a resounding “yes.” His parents also admitted they were “a bit uneasy” about Razvan and Amanda’s relationship.

Meisha & Nicola

Meisha asked Nicola why she hasn’t said “I love you” in person after seven years of saying it over Zoom and phone calls — and especially since he’d been saying it throughout her visit.

She responded, “Well, certain times when I haven’t said ‘I love you’ back, I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t so if I have fallen short in that regard. No. 1, I apologize and No. 2 since I got here, it’s been a different Nicola that I’ve been dealing with.”

Meisha admitted that she has been “very uncertain and worried” about their relationship and their future together. She reminded him that she does, in fact, love him but asked if thinks she does. He responded, “I do believe that you love me.”

meisha and nicola
90 Day’s Nicola and Meisha.TLC

“Nicola and I have been doing much better over the last few days but it is still hard for me to take down some of his walls that I started to put up,” she shared. “I have do doubt that I love this person but it’s going to take some work and there’s so much uncertainty about our future.”

She continued, “Can everything be fixed in the time I have remaining? The answer is no. We don’t have time for that but is there enough time for me to see such light in our situation that I think that’s worth fighting for, it’s worth trying to fix on the road ahead? And that’s what I’m trying to discern right now.”

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