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Will David Get A Vasectomy Reversal To Have A Baby With Annie?

Will David Get A Vasectomy Reversal For Annie?

Annie from 90 Day Fiance knew about the fact that she perhaps wouldn’t become a mother while she stayed with David. Yet, she was determined to make her relationship work. But now it seems that the celeb has changed her mind after she met her infant nephew. Recently, Annie took to her social media and posted a carousel of pictures and videos with her brother’s son. She even asked her viewers if they would want to watch Navin having a cousin and hinted at her plans to have a baby. This was an eyebrow-raiser as fans are well aware that David has had a vasectomy.

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Lately, fans have been insisting David and Annie try to have a child. So the latter finally decided to reveal that they have started to work on the same on their behalf. This was shocking news for the 90 Day Fiance viewers as they never thought the couple would actually think of going out of their way. However, David admitted earlier that he could get his semen extracted, and they could have a baby as well. So, if the couple has started trying, there is a fair chance that David has got a vasectomy reversal! Moreover, the majority of people feel that the couple is now ready to have a child and take responsibility.

90 Day Fiance: David & Annie Are Excited To Have A Child

David and Annie now seem to be really excited about having a child. They have been having a great time with the latter’s nephew and perhaps are practicing to become parents now. In one of the clips, the American native held the infant close to him while he fed him with a mouth nipple. 90 Day Fiance fans loved the wholesome video and believed that David would become a great father in the future. Apparently, Annie felt that her husband was doing a better job than her. But it seems that the latter thinks that she has the potential to become a wonderful mother in the future.

David encouraged Annie by commenting, “Awww you did amazing my love and you will be an amazing Mom.” This comment made it clear that the couple is surely thinking of having a child now. Moreover, they have even started to try for the same. Hence, fans are eagerly waiting to watch David and Annie become parents and raise their own children. Amid all this, it would be intersting to know if the former decided to opt for a vasectomy or not. What do you think? Do let us know in the comment sections. Keep coming back to

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