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’90 Day: The Last Resort’ Recap: Kelly and Molly Split and Share a Heartbreaking Goodbye

Kelly and Molly shared a heartbreaking goodbye after weeks of no progress on ’90 Day: The Last Resort.’

It’s finally over between Kelly and Molly. After weeks of fighting and no progress during this season of 90 Day: The Last Resort, the two agreed on Monday’s episode that their relationship had run its course and they decided to break up.

During a therapy session, Molly reiterated that when Kelly moved to Georgia from New York City to be with her and left his job as a cop, he stopped working and it turned her off. Meanwhile, she owns her own lingerie business and felt like she was getting no support from him — even when it comes to her emotional needs. But Kelly was upset that she told him she wasn’t in love with him at the resort, instead of just telling him in Georgia. When the therapist bluntly asked them if they felt the relationship had run its course, Molly broke down in tears and said yes. Kelly agreed.

Molly emotionally said, “There may have been some moments that weren’t great, but I feel like I gave him a lot of me. I just, you know, want you to know that I’m sorry for whatever it was that you needed from me that I didn’t give you.”

But Kelly appeared to have no emotions.

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“I’ve done cried so many times,” he explained. “I’ve done shared how I felt. I’ve done expressed how I felt. At this point, I’m numb.”

“So, I’m sorry I didn’t get to the point or be the man that you wanted me to be,” he also said. “I tried my best.”

While Kelly seemed emotionless, he admitted how much he was hurting during a confessional.

“Well, all my relationships, this is the hardest for me,” he said. “I cried so much. I never cried for any woman like this before and I just never want to go through this again because I really stuck out of my comfort zone and I changed my whole lifestyle for this woman.”

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