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90 Day Fiance: Will David & Sheila Will Quit The Show After Tell-All?

90 Day Fiance stars David Dangerfield and Sheila Mangubat rose to fame with their sweet and lovable storyline. They are the first deaf couple in the franchise’s history. Fans loved the way they made efforts to overcome various challenges and supported each other through tough times.

David and Sheila’s real chemistry and genuine storyline make them stand apart from the other pairs of the season. Fans have been rooting for them to walk down the aisle soon. Finally, David popped the question after several obstacles, and Sheila said yes.

Now, the couple is waiting for their K1 visa to be together finally. But it appears that the TLC stars might not return to the franchise again. Why is that?

90 Day Fiance: David & Sheila’s Slow-Paced Storyline Might Become Boring For The Audience!

David and Sheila have been a breath of fresh air for the 90 Day Fiance audience. Over the years, fans have witnessed a number of celebrities with their toxic relationships. However, Dangerfield and Mangubat impressed everyone with their simple and unique storyline, which ended with him proposing to his lady love.

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Fans were happy to see the couple together on the latest Tell-All. However, it appears that David and Sheila might not return to the franchise for some good reasons. One of the primary reasons for them not returning to the show is their slow-paced storyline. Unlike the other couples in the show, they are quite calm and composed.

As per the hollywoodgossip, the audience is habitual of watching explosive fights and sizzling chemistries on the show. So, fans need to be very patient to watch their journey as they are quite simple and low-key compared to all others.

Other than that, Sheila and David might need a lot of time to settle and build a home. Also, the former is trying her best to learn the American sign language in order to improve her relationship with her American partner. Meanwhile, David is working hard to earn money and support his Filipino girlfriend.

He promised his partner to take her and her son Jhonreil to America. Moreover, the reality TV star wants to help out his lady love in renovating her home. So, David and Sheila might want to take some time away from the cameras to focus on securing their future.

90 Day Fiance: David & Sheila Have A Smooth Relationship With Very Few Conflicts!

David and Sheila’s genuine and non-dramatic storyline on 90 Day Fiance is the only thing that brought them so much fame. The former lost her mother within a few days of meeting her partner. However, the latter helped her overcome the stress and trauma with his love and patience.

The only drama they had was the passing of Sheila’s mother and her financial condition. However, David has made it clear that he fully supports his partner and never doubted her intentions. In short, the couple is anything but perfect for being in a reality show.

Now, the only hurdles they are facing are getting a K1 Visa, long-distance conflicts, and getting married. But fans might want to see the new couple dealing with these issues. Well, TLC clearly knows that the happy couple gets the lowest rating unless they are like Armando and Kenny.

However, these are only assumptions, and fans will have to wait to see how their storyline line will turn out.

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