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90 Day Fiancé: What Job Does Rob Warne Do For A Living?

90 Day Fiancé star Rob Warne has been working multiple jobs for a living. Find out how the Los Angeles-based season 10 cast member earns money.

  •  Rob from 90 Day Fiancé describes himself as a “jack of all trades” and used to receive attention from women on social media when he worked as a model.
  •  Sophie, Rob’s fiancé, is frustrated with his current job situation and wants him to find a better job. She believes he should be able to improve his living conditions and provide for her.
  •  Rob clarifies that he actually works multiple part-time jobs in addition to modeling and is actively searching for a stable full-time job, revealing the challenges he faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

90 Day Fiancé star Rob Warne’s job has been a mystery to many. Rob from Los Angeles stars in season 10 of the reality TV show with Sophie Sierra from London. Since birth, Sophie has lived a life of luxury by attending private schools, globetrotting, and even having maids in the luxurious houses she’s stayed in. Robert, on the other hand, has had humble beginnings. His current home in Inglewood is not adequately equipped to impress “rich girl” Sophie, who’s come to America to get married to him. Sophie thinks her fiancé’s living conditions are “humble” but has her fingers crossed for their living arrangement to upgrade soon.

Being mixed race, Sophie had been interested in dating mixed-race men and met Rob on social media. Influencer Sophie also has other concerns regarding Rob more serious than his studio apartment with no bathroom. Sophie has not told Rob about her being bisexual. Also, she was caught by Rob’s friend while being active on Bumble. Furthermore, she’s been contacted by someone through DMs who claimed Rob was sending naughty videos to other women. Still, these are things that will get tackled in future episodes. For now, Sophie hopes to move somewhere nicer and safer, but Rob’s job might be problematic.

Rob Describes Himself As A “Jack Of All Trades”

When Rob introduced himself, he emphasized the importance of looks when he was searching for a partner. He was filmed working out in his gym to look good for Sophie. “I’m kind of a jack of all trades,” Rob revealed in episode 1. He said one of his jobs was being a model so that he would see a lot of women reaching out to him on social media. “Usually I would just ignore them,” he admitted. But when Sophie followed him, he couldn’t believe she was real and interested in him. He and Sophie started texting, and Rob told Sophie that if he got a girl like her, he would stop looking.

Sophie Claimed Rod Does “Odd Jobs” For Work

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Sophie wanted to connect with men who were mixed race like her. She followed several Instagram pages that posted photos of mixed-race men. She never really interacted with any such men, but she followed Rob because she thought he was cute. But Sophie couldn’t convince her mom, Claire, to like her future husband. Claire wished for Rob to step up now that her daughter was getting married to him. Sophie told the cameras that “for work, Rob does little odd jobs here and here.” But she wasn’t happy with what he was doing for a living.

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Sophie mentioned how Rob having to do odd jobs was frustrating to her. She’d been trying to get Rob to move out of his apartment for a month. She knew Rob had a lot of time, which he could have used to find a job and “change the situation he’s in.” She believes Rob is a “real man” but doesn’t do some of the things a “real man” is supposed to do. His having a good job was a bit more serious to her than Rob realized.

Rob Works Multiple Part Time Jobs & Is A Model

Rob used his Instagram stories to talk a little more about his work situation when filming 90 Day Fiancé. He had a message for those fans who heard Sophie say, “he does odd jobs,” and thought, “Oh so Rob has no job!” He said it wasn’t what Sophie meant. Rob had been working three “consistent” part-time jobs daily apart from modeling. “Was having trouble finding another solid full-time job during covid,” he explained, thus revealing the timeline of when his segments were filmed. Rob currently describes himself as an actor, model, and dancer and owns some YouTube channels which could be helping him make an income.

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