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90 Day Fiancé: The Real Reason Devin From Arkansas Looks Different In Before & After Photos

90 Day Fiancé's Devin Hoofman from Searcy, Arkansas takes to social media to explain why she looks different in her before and after photos.

  •  Devin explains that she looks different in real life compared to her photos and videos due to weight gain during the filming of the show.
  •  She addresses criticisms about her speaking style, attributing it to exhaustion from filming late at night after work.
  •  Devin confirms that she has TMJ and had stopped medication, leading to increased pain and facial swelling. She has since resumed treatment.

Nick thought it was fate that he’d met such a beautiful, friendly, and cute woman. She was the first white girl he’d dated. Nick thought Asian girls were too skinny, but the athletic Devin was someone he liked. Nick liked that Devin was introverted like him. Initially, he’d struggled to even make her laugh. Devin started calling Nick her monkey and Devin became his piggy. Devin and Nick dated for two years. However, Devin started missing her friends and family back home and returned to America. The couple found long-distance dating to be quite a difficult task. That’s when Nick and Devin decided they would get engaged and apply for a K-1 visa for Nick to move to Arkansas.

Devin Reveals Why She Looks Different In Real Life

Before that could happen, Devin had to get permission to marry Nick from his parents. Devin landed in South Korea in episode 4, but fans noticed that she didn’t look like the person that was shown via photos and clips when Nick spoke about his girlfriend. Devin seemingly noticed some “semi-disappointing” comments about her appearance after the episode aired. She blasted these critics on Instagram by sharing a long post addressing these negative jabs. Devin wrote, “I know I look very different than the photos and videos shown of me before.” She continued, “These were filmed at the end.”

Devin claimed she had put on a lot of weight from binge-drinking and eating while she was trying to cope with the anxiety of shooting the show. Devin revealed she has lost almost 25 to 30 pounds since she finished filming 90 Day Fiancé season 10 with Nick.

Devin Says She’s Not “Slow” Or “Delayed”

It appears some viewers thought Devin was “slow” or “delayed” after watching her on the show. She wrote that she has always been someone who speaks in a “very relaxed” manner “with a deeper voice.” “But due to the circumstances that these interviews were taken- it exacerbated,” she added. “We had to film these in the middle of the night after I got off from my full-time job,” Devin continued, possibly referring to her confessional or talking head scenes. She wrote how she was so tired after filming the segments at one point, that she was “scared” of driving home.

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Devin Confirms She Has TMJ

Devin saw some comments “about TMJ” which she said were “correct.” Devin revealed she has had “chronic jaw tension” since she “was a small child” “that only got worse” as she aged. “I was taking injections in Australia for it, but stopped when I came home,” Devin wrote in her statement. However, going off her medication was not a good idea because Devin started noticing her face was getting bigger and her pain kept increasing. Devin began taking injections again a couple of months ago. “I just hope this clears some things up,” Devin continued.

She revealed she feels it’s “unfortunate” that she felt and looked her lowest when she was on national TV. Things were beyond her control then. However, 90 Day Fiancé fans aren’t all hating on Devin. Her post comments on Instagram show messages sent to her by her admirers who are now praising Devin for being a refreshing addition to the show. They reminded Devin that she didn’t need to give anyone an explanation. Devin’s followers can’t wait to see South Korea through the young American woman’s eyes.

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