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90 Day Fiance: Sophie’s Mom Claire Looks So Much Like Molly Hopkins, Are They Related?

Sophie Sierra became one of the most famous 90 Day Fiance Season 10 stars merely days after making her reality TV debut. Her problematic and dramatic storyline with her L.A.-based beau, Rob Warner, is keeping the viewers hooked.

The TLC starlet recently had a conversation with her mom, Claire Sierra, that had fans crushing over her unfiltered personality. She even has fans wondering if the latter is related to Molly Hopkins. Do they actually look alike?

90 Day Fiance: Does Sophie’s Mom Claire Looks Like Molly Hopkins?

Sophie Sierra recently had a conversation with her mom, Claire Sierra, on the show. This conversation prompted fans to talk about her striking resemblance with 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort star, Molly Hopkins.

This ultimately led to the circulation of comparison photos on Instagram. The upload features a side-by-side photo of both women who look similar in size and have similar brown hair, besides similar facial features.

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The post even had a question about whether Claire and Molly look similar. Several 90 Day Fiance audience showered this post with immense love while others penned their opinions in the comments. One of them was relieved that they were not the only ones who found the ladies resembling.

The second fan used the word “doppelgängers” to describe their resemblance. Another fan agreed by adding that Sophie’s mother looks in better shape than Molly. One more fan sounds surprised, with various other fans agreeing that the two women look alike.

Likewise, several other fans pen their agreement in the comment of this post that Claire and Molly look similar. While a few other fans were curious to know if they were related.

90 Day Fiance: How Does Sophie’s Mom Claire Feel About Rob?

The comparison photo is making rounds on the internet after Claire bluntly opens up about how she feels about Rob. This conversation came after Sophie called her mom on the show to tell her about his nasty online activities with unknown women.

The mom of one did not mince any word as she ingenuously bashed Rob for his “disgusting” behavior. Claire calls him jobless and boring, and he has no sympathy for anyone. She went on to add, “Now he’s talking to dirty, nasty skanks online, just so that he can get his sausage to explode.”

Sophie’s mom continues telling her that he is not the right guy for her and that she must not marry him. Claire also urges her daughter Sophie to pack her stuff and return to their home. But the 90 Day Fiance castmate does not seem to have been affected by her mom’s warnings.

Do you expect Sophie to continue living with Rob despite his disgusting habits? Will she continue putting in more effort to fix things with her American beau? Do you also feel Sophie’s mother, Claire Sierra, is the long-time TLC celeb Molly’s look-alike? Sound off in the comment section below.

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