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90 Day Fiance News: Colt Johnson’s Recovery Journey Takes An Uncertain Turn!

Colt Johnson tried his hand at love not once but thrice on 90 Day Fiance. After Jess and Larissa, he finally began to date his dear friend from Vegas, Vanessa Guerra. Luckily, they are still together, trying their best to make their bond work.

However, Colt met with an awful accident. It happened earlier this year when he was jumping on a trampoline and badly shattered one of his legs. Well, it looks like his wife, Vannessa, has given a grave update about his condition! Has Colt not recovered 10 months later since his surgery?

90 Day Fiance: Vanessa Hints Colt May Never Recover! What’s Wrong?

As mentioned above, Colt and Vanessa went through terrible times earlier this year. It happened when TLC invited them to take part in The Last Resort spin-off. But they immediately kicked them off, too. It happened when Johnson fell off from a trampoline while filming and messed his leg up.

After months of surgeries, heavy medication, and physiotherapy, his wife, Vanessa, continues to provide updates about Colt. Lately, she made another post. It said how the 90 Day Fiance alum will have to undergo yet another surgery in the month of December. Fans safely assumed it must be because of his leg.

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At the same time, the audience found it odd how Colt had his accident in the month of January. Now, we are in October. They couldn’t understand how he hadn’t recovered almost a year after the incident. Many began to wonder if Colt must be in a risky condition if he still needed surgery.

However, Vanessa failed to provide any more information about his condition or health. Nevertheless, fans sent the 90 Day Fiance couple their blessings and tons of prayers. They hope for Colt to recover soon and keep wishing him well on both his and Vanessa’s social media handles.

90 Day Fiance: All The Details About Colt Johnson’s Accident!

Vanessa and Colt have become a popular couple from 90 Day Fiance. While we didn’t get to see much of their love story on the show, they are endgame. During Johnson’s time of need, his wife didn’t leave his side. She continued to give fans updates about his health, too. As per her, her husband tore his tibia, fibula, and his meniscus.

Moreover, Vanessa revealed how Colt had to be under heavy medication and anesthesia in order to repair his leg, owing to multiple surgeries. Owing to this, he had to use a catheter as his bladder had stopped working. Johnson also became wheelchair-bound. Because of this, the couple moved into a ground-floor apartment to make things easy.

Prior to his upcoming surgery in December, Vanessa had mentioned he had already undergone three surgeries for his leg. She continued to give updates about his ailing leg and physiotherapy sessions on her Instagram. It provided fans a sense of relief to see Colt be so resilient and recover well.

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